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Trans-women are not women

There’s an ongoing bet between myself and a friend that this piece will not be published. If you’re reading this, this means I lost $100. Here goes…

We live in a time of two ideological extremes with no room for reasoned debate in-between. In a world where just about everything falls on a spectrum, the discussion around gender, surprisingly, does not. 

On one side there is extreme conservatism — those who adamantly stand by their parochial view of the world, intolerant of everything and everyone who do not fit the binary box perceived as “normal.” On the other side, there is extreme liberalism. Weirdly, this brand of liberalism is just as intolerant as conservatism, albeit differently.

In my view, from a social standpoint, the extreme liberals of society are worse than the craziest, narrow-minded conservatives. Here’s why: Extreme liberals (“woke” “progressives” as they like to call themselves), in the name of tolerance, take on a militant and authoritarian stance that rebuffs any deviation from their own group think and ignores all attempts at debate regarding transgenderism. They’ve skillfully mastered the art of “you’re either with us or against us,” a mentality that — not only dismisses valid conversations to be had — but takes it a step further and defames any and everyone who do not parrot their views or share their monolithic ideology, perfectly.

Men do not have uteruses; women do not have penises.

Plainly stating this reality will not only get me branded as “transphobic,” it will also galvanize an army of extreme-liberal, social justice warriors who, as a vindictive act of retaliation, will seek out my employer with hopes to get me fired; seek out my sponsors and advertisers with hopes to get me defunded; seek out my customers/ clients/audience with hopes to silence me and ruin my business — the source of livelihood for hundreds of families. To far-left liberals, complete ruin and public scorn is punishment of choice administered to those having the audacity to voice viewpoints that differ from theirs. To extreme-liberals there is no tolerance for the diversity of thought.

Trans-women are not women; trans-men are not men.

The extreme liberals of society demand that we accept their argument, irrespective of what human biology, physiology, and DNA says. They demand that we adopt their chosen pronouns, irrespective of the longstanding rules of language and communication. They demand that we accept (and normalize) some individuals’ personal desires to facilitate that which their physiology and sex does not allow… irrespective of the fact that mother nature doesn’t care what we want.

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This is the point in the conversation where extreme liberals — if they have’t already dismissed my argument and slanderously designated me a “transphobe” — will eagerly point out that sex and gender are not the same. By today’s definition, this is true. The modern day definition of gender claims it to be a social construct with no bearing on biology or sex. But this new age definition wasn’t always the prevailing idea. For centuries, gender has been inextricably linked to biology — the de facto colloquial verbiage for identifying one’s sex. Not anymore.

Today, extreme liberalism has successfully managed to separate gender and sex and have re-written the definition in order to accommodate those who are unhappy with the bodies they were born into. In my view, it would not be unreasonable to argue that transgenderism may be similar to Body Dysmorphic Disorder. (Gasp! Somewhere, a fragile liberal clutches his/her pearls). But I’m neither a doctor nor psychiatrist so I would never be presumptuous enough to present my view as fact, nor would I seek to impose it on others. It is simply an opinion that I am allowed have, and an opinion I should be allowed to voice freely without fear of reprisal from the extreme-liberal, Orwelian, thought police who are as quick to attack as they are to be offended. Voicing such an opinion can easily get one fired. Voicing such an opinion, more often than not, result in online lynch mobs and campaigns seeking to take away one’s livelihood as if to make sure said person can never work (or eat) ever again until they apologize for daring to have (and voice) an opposing view point. How is this tolerance? How is this even liberalism?

“Gender stereotypes,” “non-binary,” “transgender,” etc., like all clever marketing and PR jargon, are all manipulative semantics used to justify ignoring irrefutable science and by far the most disingenuous conversation I have ever come across. They argue that gender is rooted in self identification, yet this self identification isn’t recognized across the board. Why is self identification only valid vis-a-vis transgenderism? I identify as a millionaire globe trotter, but my bank account says otherwise. Where is my validation? 

Rachel Dolezal — a white woman who, for decades, pretended to be black, and when asked about it said she identifies as black — was publicly ridiculed, mocked, laughed at, shamed into seclusion and, in many instances, said to have been mentally ill. Yet, Bruce Jenner, a male and father of 6, was able to assume the identity of a woman… and was praised for it! No one ever accused him of being mentally ill. As a matter of fact, upon his transition, he (now she) was rewarded with a Vanity Fair spread praising his bravery. To this day, Bruce (now Caitlyn) holds the title of “Oldest Woman To Appear on the Cover of Vanity Fair.” How’s that for irony! In order for a woman of advanced aged to be worthy enough to be given the highly coveted cover of Vanity Fair, she must first have a penis. The patriarchy 1, feminism 0

No one dared question Bruce Jenner’s mental fitness as they did Dolezal’s, and no one dares to address Caitlyn Jenner as “he.” Why? Because to do so would unleash the wrath of extreme liberalism that could cost you your job, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your livelihood, your everything. The lynch mob mentality of far left liberalism has managed to impose North-Korea-grade self censorship that no sane person with much to lose would dare violate. 

Many will read this, and rather than consider the points being made they will choose to be offended and slander me instead. “Transphobe,” “bigot,” are just some of the names I’ll be called. That I am an ardent supporter of the LGBT community won’t matter. That I don’t care how anyone chooses to live their lives, won’t matter. That I regularly advocate for equility for all, won’t matter. That I strongly believe that we should live and let live, so to speak, won’t matter. The world is harsh and life is short. That I believe everyone should navigate life on their own terms, regardless of sexuality, gender, assumed gender, sex, whatever…won’t matter. All that will matter is the narrative they create simply because my opinions may vary slightly from theirs. All that will matter, in their eyes, is that voices like mine should not only be silenced but also be punished and beaten into submission.

This is not liberalism. This is ideological tyranny.

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Michal Dinal owns a private-label garment distribution company based in New York City. A passionate environmentalist and sustainability advocate, Michal lends her time and support to initiatives that foster eco-reform and transparency within the fashion industry. Michal is a Jamaican-born, American-Israeli who made aliya in 2008.
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