Transforming the Earth into a Garden of Paradise

The sacred dance Paneurhythmy, created by the great Bulgarian Master Beinsa Douno help us to develop all our spiritual bodies, to purify and spiritualize the Earth and to experience the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem as the New Heaven! On the photo: Starting the Paneurhythmy on the sacred mountain Rila, Bulgaria! Source:

When humankind chooses the positive, creative, life-supporting Divine path of the New Exodus, it will be able to hatch from the restricted earthly consciousness and begin its return to the Kingdom of God. In a similar way to the grain of wheat which sprouts within the earth and pushes up into a new world above the soil, the enlightened consciousness of human beings will transcend its perceptions of the physical universe and will penetrate into the higher spiritual worlds. Human beings will change their understanding of Creation and will comprehend it as an enormously vast, multi-dimensional spiritual Universe – a tremendously rich world of spiritual realities within new dynamic spatio-temporal co-ordinates where the physical dimensions of our world are only a special case. Then the whole of Creation will appear like an ocean of Divine Consciousness, Light, Love, Music, Sacred Words and archetypal Thought-forms, inhabited by the myriads of light beings of the celestial hierarchy. In essence, this is the vision of Creation in many of the world religions. Below I will quote a few of them.

Of course, the physical Earth will remain as it is, but for the consciousness enlightened by the Divine Truth of Creation it will melt into a cosmic sea of spiritual energies. This is why St. John saw a great white throne and the one who sits on it (that is, the CREATOR shining from the Throne of God), and a new metaphysics of Creation in which earth and heaven fled from his presence and were seen no more. (Revelation, 20:11)

We can find a poetic expression of this transfiguration of our consciousness in Yogananda’s book Metaphysical Meditations: When you find that your soul, your heart, every wisp of inspiration, every speck of the vast blue sky and its shining star-blossoms, the mountains, the earth, the whippoorwill, and the bluebells are all tied together with one cord of rhythm, one cord of joy, one cord of unity, one cord of Spirit, then you shall know that all are but waves in His cosmic sea. (Paramhansa Yogananda, Metaphysical Meditations, p.36)

In the legendary Buddhist Surangama Sutra we find another inspiring poetic vision of illuminated consciousness contemplating the process of the transfiguration of the Earth. At first, ‘the waters and waves of brooks and streams were singing the music of the Dharma‘.  This is the stage of awareness when the Earth is comprehended on the astral level – the second, celestial level of the three-fold structure of the Universe. Then, all the differentiations of mountains and waters and rocks and plants, and all that makes up our common world, blended into one another and faded away, leaving only the indescribable experience of primordial unity. This higher state of consciousness corresponds to the perception of the Earth on the causal level – the third level in the three-fold structure of the Universe. And finally, even this indescribable experience fades away into silence – that is when the enlightened consciousness reaches the state of nirvana and dissolves the whole of Creation into the Great Void. (Lama Anagarika Govinda, The Way of the White Clouds, Rider, London 1984, p.10.)

The appreciation of the Earth as a Garden of Paradise is a great event in the New Genesis and we could participate in it with inspiring work on all three levels of planetary, regional and individual transfiguration. The work on a planetary level requires deep reflection, contemplation and meditation on all main metaphysical aspects of the evolution of the Earth itself and humankind on it. Our comprehension and understanding of the Earth depend on our state of consciousness. When we open our eyes to the celestial world, we can contemplate the Earth as a beautiful ‘astral planet’. Then, for us, the Earth will appear as a living celestial Being with its own planetary Soul (a part of the Universal Soul) and with a planetary Spirit – the planetary Divine Logos – who leads the evolution of the Earth. The Earth, as a celestial Being, also has spiritual centers (chakras) and a very rich and well-developed structure of lay lines of circulating energy which corresponds to the nervous system in the human body.

Thanks to New Age global activities, this kind of comprehension of the Earth is growing. Already there are hundreds of books which describe the Earth as the living Being Gaia or, at least, which introduce the spiritual approach to her and analyze her spiritual structure. Moreover, important and necessary work for the healing, purification and spiritualization of the Earth is taking place in the form of various planetary events with millions of participants, such as activation of the planetary chakras, celebrations of Earth-week, pilgrimages to sacred sites, healing of polluted areas and many others.

Many visionaries have received inspired messages about the transfiguration of the Earth and its new functions in the Solar system. For instance, D. Spengler, one of the most active participants in the Findhorn community in the seventies, writes about the Earth having been prepared like a Bride for a completely new stage of evolution within the Solar system. Jose Arguelles, the American light-leader who initiated the planetary event Harmonic Convergence, describes how the ascending Earth is now returning to the great ring of cosmic civilizations. (See Jose Arguelles, The Earth Ascending, Bear & Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico) It is obvious that all these important spiritual activities are an organic, integral part of transforming the Earth as a Garden of Paradise.

On the regional level the work for transformation of the Earth into a Garden of Paradise is to participate actively in the fusion between the celestial and the earthly realms. The fusion itself happens on the etheric layer which is the boundary between the visible and the invisible worlds. In general, the etheric layer is the open horizon for our spiritual visualizations and the entrance into the higher levels of Being. It is our ‘screen’ where we could read the Akashic Chronicles. On the etheric layer, as a ‘foundation’, we could build the spiritual Temple, embracing the whole vertical structure of the Universe. This is why it is so important to purify, restore and clarify the etheric layer around the Earth.

In order to initiate the ‘fusion’ between the earthly and the heavenly realms of Being, we have to accomplish many tasks in connection with the process of healing, purification and illumination of any particular geographic area and the visualization and invocation of the celestial realities above it. The process of transfiguration of the area requires work with the main ingredients which determine the multidimensional structure of the area. For instance, we have to feel the lay lines of energy which flow in the area and to understand the place and the function of that particular area in the context of the larger concentric regions. Thus, we will experience the Earth as a spiritual reality which lives its own organic planetary life.

One of the main tasks is to establish a deep spiritual contact with the people living in the area and with the history of the area. The etheric layer of each area keeps the Akashic Chronicles which have recorded the life of many previous generations. In-depth historical research and socio-cultural study will provide our background for deep meditation, contemplation and reviving of the Akashic Chronicles, and especially the ‘Book of the Living’ in it. Another important task is to establish contact with the spiritual hierarchy responsible for the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms existing in the area. 

The actual ‘fusion’ between the purified and spiritualized earthly area and its celestial image of the higher worlds, transforms the whole region into a magnificent living Mandala. Here by Mandala, I understand a new symbolic mythological perception of the area where the physical landscape reflects the celestial realms, and the whole space becomes an integration of all planes in the Universe with dynamic interpenetration and interconnection. Every area envisioned as a living Mandala expands in a multidimensional time-space reality and integrates, in one Divine wholeness, the earthly and heavenly realms, the resurrected past, the dynamic present and the foreseen future. The activated mythology of the Mandala changes the energy field of the area and all forms of life in it continue to develop in a new cosmic-spiritual aura.

As a result of the transformation, spiritualization and ‘mythologizing’ of the area, we could have a vision of the Earth as a beautiful astral planet where the area is just a wave of the cosmic-spiritual sea of life around the Throne of God. Through this vision we permeate the whole area with Divine Light which has a powerful influence on the evolutionary path of all kingdoms of life in it.

On the individual level the process of transfiguration of the Earth requires a new type of behavior from human beings. We have to appreciate the Earth, with all kingdoms of life on it, as a Divine reality, and in accordance with this understanding to create a beautiful living physical microcosmos around us. The Sun, the Earth, Nature, the air, the water – the whole physical cosmos – have to become like an ocean of living energies. There is no dull and inert matter – everything is condensed Spirit which has to be revived and activated. Behind all objects, plants, animals and creatures, we have to observe the projection of spiritual realities from the higher worlds. The Spirit is one and the same, life is eternal, the manifestations of life are numerous. The realms of existence are different but interconnected and ordered hierarchically in one great multi-layered, transparent structure of Creation. When we feel love, sympathy, gratitude, respect, even tenderness and passion towards all living beings and all constituents of the material universe, then we experience the unity of Life and the Divine presence in everything.

The work on the individual level implies the permeation of all material objects, food, clothing, the house, with its interior and exterior, with spiritual vibrations.   The physical microcosmos in which we live can become a great spiritual school.  Developing a spiritual relationship with the material world requires very important virtues and qualities such as attention to the smallest details, patience, accuracy, precision, purity, practicality, love for physical work, awareness, care, and many others. In this school the presence and the blessing of the Divine Mother will help us tremendously because she is the perfect personification of all these virtues and she constitutes the physical world around us as a spiritual Temple.

In fact, every contact with the material world contains a hidden spiritual lesson which we have to discover and learn. The material world is the foundation on which we have to build our spiritual life. If we are not strongly grounded in it, we resemble a tree without roots, a building without foundation. Moreover, if the task is to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God on Earth, then our spiritual work has to include all domains of human life on Earth reaching to the smallest material things.

Successful spiritual work in the material world will transform our daily life into a cosmic-spiritual existence. All levels of Being will become transparent and interconnected. The various levels of our existence will form an integrated dynamic system where the processes in one level affect the others. Thus, if we act spiritually on the material level, holding in our consciousness the whole dynamic system, we will influence the processes on a regional, even on a planetary level. This is the key to the transfiguration of the Earth as a Garden of Paradise.

Moreover, when we ascend to the Highest Divine World, we will understand the Earth as a projection of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Earth will be appreciated as a majestic Divine Temple in the centre of which a gigantic cosmic-spiritual Cross of life is present. This is the Cross of immortal life which the Living God activates in the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The vertical axis of this Cross is a huge column of Light, filling the whole space and representing the vertical structure of the Universe. The horizontal axis of the Cross (actually a horizontal circular plane filling the entire cosmic-spiritual space) is the celestial reality of the Kingdom of God with its many mansions, including all the different spiritual worlds revealed by the world religions. Above the horizontal axis is the Throne of God with the “One sitting upon it”. The walls of this gigantic, etheric Temple are living Light which shines with all the colours of the Rainbow, exposing the presence of myriads of light beings, angels, archangels and many others. All the kingdoms of life on Earth – the mineral, plant, animal and human – are present within the Temple. This Temple of Life, in which Divine Light, Love, Unity, Harmony, Wisdom and Truth are manifested, is the New Earth in the new Heavenly Jerusalem Cosmic cycle.

Therefore, the new Earth for us will be enlivened by radiantly bright spiritual colors and will become first a Garden of Paradise, a wonderful “astral” planet, and after this it will appear as a Divine Temple in the Kingdom of God where there are many mansions. On the New Earth we will live as cosmic-spiritual beings and we will be mediators between Heaven and Earth for the spiritual elevation of the whole planet and all kingdoms of life on it. Thus, we will fulfill our predestined function on Earth as Divine Mediators. For this purpose, we will be in direct contact with the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Mother as Living Light: they will be both within our souls and before our spiritual gaze. This is the reality of the New Earth and in this reality, we will become new beings – Sons and Daughters of our Divine Father/Mother. Thus, we will live as God’s people on sacred Earth.

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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