Traveling from Israel to India — planning tips to remember

Whether you have been thinking for a long time to explore what India has to offer best, or you need to travel there for business purposes, and have decided to prolong our stay for a few days and discover the local culture, a trip to India shouldn’t be pursued unprepared. As soon as you have set the date for your trip, you’ll need to start thinking about all of the implications of this vacation, and pursue extensive planning. From making sure your India visa application is sent to getting all your immunizations in-check, there are quite a few things that need to be addressed and that will allow you to experience a memorable travel. Here are the factors you should be directing your attention towards first:

Visit your healthcare provider and get the recommended vaccinations.

Chaotic madness, daunting and exquisite sights, interesting people, and intoxicating location that will provide you with travel moments like you have never lived before, that is what India is and much more. However, because you probably already know a few things about the place by know, you are well-aware that you may be subjected to a few health hazards during your stay, the region dealing with some serious issues in the cleanliness department. Getting a disease or becoming ill are certainly not your objectives for this vacations, so you are advised to take all the necessary means of precautions to ensure your health will stay in-check during your travel. What you should start doing, even with months in advance is visit your healthcare provider and discuss about possible immunizations. There are certain vaccinations, first-time India visitors are recommended to get. Having your vaccines in-check before departing will give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to avoid potential health issues, so don’t overlook the importance of this detail.

Get your documents in order and apply for visa

In order to be allowed to cross the burden and enter the country, you will be required to hold all the necessary legal documentation. Being a visa holder is necessary when you are traveling to India. Because the duration of having your visa application approved can vary depending on various factors, it’s important to handle this particular task with enough time in advance. Go online and see what paperwork needs to be filed, read the necessary guidelines on the topic and send in your application. Considering the tourism in India has increase significantly over the last few years, things have also been simplified for visa applicants. Nowadays, you have the possibility of obtaining your travel permits even online, by going on the government’s website, or, for an even more convenient and fast alternative, by using an online India visa agent. You may be subjected to certain fees to access the legal travel documentation, but the amount is affordable, so money won’t be a problem here.

Pick the perfect route

You are well-aware by now that India packs a lot of beautiful things in a massive space, so you need to accept the fact that you won’t get the chance to do and see everything in a single trip.  To benefit from a trip that satisfies you, what needs to be done is picking the ideal route before actually leaving Israel. To create an itinerary that will not disappoint, you should think properly about what you expect from this travel. Would you want to go for the classic Golden Triangle tour? Do you wish to discover the fascinating Islam architecture? Are you waiting to learn more about the local religious sites? Or perhaps some wildlife encounters or trekking are more of what would make this vacation special for you. Establish your wants, and design a schedule that will give you the chance to do and see things that you know you will love.

Stop for a moment and enjoy!

Considering how many wonderful places there are to see and how many things you probably want to do during a short stay, you might be tempted to fit in your schedule as many activities as possible. Well, one recommendation that will make your travel far more authentic, memorable and enjoyable is to stop rushing and just engage fully in the sights you are presented it. It’s far better to explore fewer attractions and truly get the most of them, than always being on a hurry to hit your next travel spot. Stop, admire and enjoy, what you don’t have time to discover now, you’ll have the chance during your next trip. India is not a country that you can speed-visit, so slow down a bit!

Stay healthy

Staying healthy throughout the entire trip means more than just having your vaccines in order. One thing you should never forget while being there is that it’s never safe to drink tap water, so stay away from it at all costs, unless you want to deal with a dodgy tum. You should also avoid foods that might have been washed in the tap water. Anything from fruits that haven’t been pealed to salads you haven’t prepared yourself are a no-no. While street food fests might tempt you, considering Indian food does look and smell delicious, it’s important to assess the level of cleanliness before indulging yourself in one of the treats you crave when walking by. What you could do to establish if a particular place is actually safe to eat at is to see how many people are waiting in line there. If it’s crowded it may mean you won’t have anything to worry about. Also, your choices in the food department should be mainly vegetarian, because even a small piece of dodgy meat can cause you a lot of harm. You’ll find plenty of amazing vegetarian dishes, so you should remember this when you are tempted to order something with meat in it.

Beware of scammers

Nobody can deny the beauty of India and the fascination that revolves around its culture, spirituality and architectural wonders. However, as much fun, excitement and fulfillment as your vacation there is likely to bring, there will be some downsides to the experience as well, at least if you are not careful enough. The region is known for hassles and scams, having not the best of reputation in this department. You probably don’t want to return to Israel knowing you have been scammed, or persuaded to spend money on something you shouldn’t have. Keep your cool whenever you encounter someone who might not have the best intentions, try to remove yourself from any situation that might cause you stress and try to avoid crowds as much as possible.

Israelis who are planning a trip to India need to have in mind a few important considerations. For a pleasant and inconvenience-free travel experience, you should get some insights on the matter before your departure, and organize everything by the book. Having a list of travel tips to follow will give you the opportunity to set off on this adventure on the right foot, and prevent dealing with any troubles that might affect how much you enjoy this vacation in any way. Go through the suggestions included in this article, and you can be certain you are completely prepared for our first time India exploration.

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