Trudeau and Obama: Why did you appoint wolves to protect the chicken coop?

When I was a child, in a much more innocent world, I used to watch a TV show called “I Love Lucy.” Lucy was this delightful scatterbrain who always managed to implicate herself in some kind of ridiculous conundrum. At the end of each episode, her Cuban husband, Ricky Ricardo, would walk in on whatever mess she had gotten into and belt out ”Lucy, you got some serious ‘splaining to do.”

Well, PM Trudeau and President Obama, you got some serious ‘splaining to do.

While the two of you were conveniently proselytizing about what you perceive to be the most serious threat to national and global security today — climate change — you both surreptitiously appointed well-known Islamist sympathizers to crucial and sensitive positions in your respective governments and entrusted them with the critical responsibility of protecting our collective safety and well-being (and this while a little part of San Bernardino was being blown to bits, one helpless caregiver of handicapped patients at a time).

I do not know whether in the history of mankind there has ever been such pervasive and monumental deceit running rampant throughout the entire world. I do not believe that such flagrant insanity has ever run so unchecked and unconstrained among our elected representatives before. Accountability is non-existent, reality is mangled and manipulated, the truth is discarded, and the precarious state of affairs our world has degenerated into masquerades by fantastical fallacies. We truly have entered an era in which the wolves are called in to protect the chicken roost — only we, the electorate, are the hapless, condemned chickens.

On December 2, 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau installed Omar Alghabra, the MP from Mississauga Centre, as Canada’s new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

In Canada, this person is officially delegated the task of facilitating, advising, and assisting their corresponding minister with his or her duties.

Omar Alghabra has been assigned the role of working with the Hon. Stephane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs, directly and intimately, on Canada’s foreign policy and the diplomatic approach it assumes with regard to the political events transpiring around the world. This means he is granted unencumbered input on issues of colossal magnitude, including Canada’s refugee strategy, its tactical alignments, its ideological leanings, its designation of friends and enemies, and its response to terrorism. These are the pertinent issues of our time. These are the trials that impact our safety and livelihoods in Canada. These are the decisions that will have dire consequences for Canada and its people and for its allies around the globe.

Omar Alghabra is a Sharia law supporter.

Omar Alghabra has publicly stated that he believes that neither Hamas nor Islamic Jihad are terrorist organizations.

Omar Alghabra is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America, which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and to Jamaat-e-Ismali, another group with deeply entrenched ties to terrorist cells throughout the Middle East.

And, according to the Al Jazeera News Service, Omar Alghabra is “a long time personal friend“ of Prime Minister Trudeau.

Do Canadians really believe that Omar Alghabra is the best-qualified person to serve in this influential and highly confidential position?

Somehow, I do not believe they do.

And as for President Obama…

While he was in Paris partaking in photo-ops and high-profile gatherings, he had his spokesperson furtively announce that his new ISIS czar is Robert Malley.

Robert Malley has an extensively documented history of denigrating Israel, snuggling up to Hamas, defending Assad and advocating for Iran’s reintroduction to the international community.

In 2001, Malley mendaciously blamed Israel for the failure of the Camp David peace talks in a New York Times op-ed piece.

In 2007, in the LA Times, Malley expressed strong support for Bashar al-Assad and his sadistic regime.

In 2008, Malley was booted from Obama’s electoral committee, when it was revealed that he had had an amiable meeting with Hamas terrorists.

He remained, however, one of Obama’s most trusted advisors on Middle East policy.

In an article in Foreign Policy in 2012, Malley castigated Obama for being too hawkish with Iran.

Yet, somehow in the last few years, he served on the National Security Council, and earlier this year, he was promoted to the high-ranking NSC position of Middle East Coordinator, where he was actively engaged in the Iran Deal negotiations.

And now he is the ISIS media czar for the United States of America.

Yet somehow, in these Alice in Wonderland topsy-turvy situations, there is no punch line to follow. Despite the profusion of irony, none of this is a joke.

It is time that Canadians and Americans demand that the people who are responsible for our safety and security are morally, emotionally, intellectually, psychologically and intrinsically equipped to so.

Right now, the supposed leaders of the free world seem to be seriously lacking — in common sense, in awareness as to who their (and our) friends truly are, and in plain old-fashioned logic. Quite honestly, it seems that whatever they are smoking or drinking or eating is putting them into a false sense of reality — and us into some very dangerous and treacherous situations.

Trudeau and Obama, you got some really, really serious ‘splaining to do — and you better do it quickly.

The constituents living under your jurisdiction are getting pretty damn nervous. And the wolves you’ve tried so desperately to appease are getting more and more rapacious. And, let’s face it: neither of you really fit the bill of the huntsman who saves Little Red Riding Hood from the big bad wolf.

The chickens in your chicken coops are getting plenty nervous.

About the Author
Vivienne Grace Ziner is a vociferous and outspoken activist, advocate, writer and speaker for international human rights, the global advancement of human dignity and the cause of Israel and the Jewish people.
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