David Margolese

Trump and King Cyrus

IF (it’s a big IF) American President-elect Donald Trump decides to be guided by the mentality of his closest Jewish confidants, and IF Israel’s coalition government decides to be guided by the mentality of MK Naftali Bennett (a potentially historic figure), annexation of two thirds of Judea and Samaria would occur.

It would occur on no less than the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Israel’s most biblical areas, and would be accompanied by an enormous Jewish rebuilding of them.  This would leave one third of non-annexed Judea and Samaria in Arab hands. The same one third that is home to more than 90% of Judea and Samaria’s Palestinians — but that comprises less than 10% of the historic Land of Israel stretching from the Jordan river to the sea.

IF that happens, it would in my view represent a miracle when looked back at in Jewish history. Personally, for me the manner in which it would have unfolded would put it on par with Israel’s rebirth in 1948.

A guy comes truly out of nowhere, is universally mocked and disparaged, then literally overnight and against all odds becomes the most powerful person in the world by a hair (not even by the popular vote). He flips all convention and political tradition on its head. He has a recently converted Orthodox Jewish daughter, and is personally close with two religious Zionist confidants. I can’t help but think of the Megillah. I am reminded of Persia’s King Cyrus, who allowed the exiled Jews to return to Israel from Babylon and Persia and rebuild the second Temple. Cyrus the Great, the most powerful man in the world at the time, flipped history on its head in conformance with the Torah’s promises of exile and return.

Trump has the potential to become Israel’s worst nightmare — or go down in history along the lines of King Cyrus whose legacy is recorded in the Bible, a far more enduring legacy than simply being President of the United States.

Two months ago, annexation was a fringe concept. Eight short weeks later it may be real.

It is possible we are living in the midst of a miracle of historic proportions within Jewish history and not noticing it. Or not. In retrospect, we’ll see.

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