Trump decision breaks Israel’s heart

US President Donald Trump decision of not relocating US Embassy to Jerusalem signals a major break not only with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu administration, but also with past statements made by the Trump himself.

Trump decision breaks a campaign pledge to move the Embassy to Jerusalem. Donald Trump believe that such move would antagonize Palestinians, who want part of the city for their future state and would damage prospects for peace in the region, an administration official said.

The Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act, passed by Congress in 1995, requires the US to move its Embassy to Jerusalem. But it gives the President the power to waive the law for six months at a time, something every President has done since the 1990s.

The decision of not relocating US Embassy to Jerusalem marks a remarkable reversal for Trump. Because Trump said in his campaign that he would move the Embassy “Fairly quickly”, after taking office, but he has instead maintained the status quo as President.

Previous Presidents of US including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush pledged to move the Israel Embassy in their campaigns, only to abandon the promise in the face of political reality.

Fairly speaking, decision of Trump of not relocating Embassy to Jerusalem is “disappointing”, because it will give boost to Palestinian delusion that the Jewish people and the Jewish state have no connection to Jerusalem.

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