Paul Jeser

Trump, Jewish support, anti-Semitism and Sitting Shiva

Some thoughts about the election of Donald Trump.

Jewish support for Trump – or the lack thereof….
If early reports are accurate only 30% of the American Jewish community voted for Donald Trump. So, when the President-elect does something that we are not happy with we should not be surprised. The fact that the Republican Jewish Coalition’s support for Trump was lukewarm (and I’m being kind), and it’s chairman, Dr. Joel Geiderman, penned an op-ed piece stating that he could not vote for Trump will, for sure, come back to haunt us.

Trump and anti-Semitism….
Much is being written about the right-wing anti-Semites who have been supporting Trump. But silence from the MSM about the left-wing anti-Semites supporting HRC. And… Black Lives Matter…  And the many pro-BDSers…  And the worst and most dangerous anti-Semite of our day – George Soros!

Sitting Shiva….
Some rabbis (small ‘r’ purposely) have been inviting congregants to sit Shiva in response to Donald Trumps election. How sickening is that?

Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, JStreet, MSM, Pollsters and pundits.

American and the American People, Israel and the People of Israel.



About the Author
Paul Jeser born in the Bronx in 1945 has been a member of the Jewish Communal Service and a Jewish fundraising professional since 1972. Although not an ordained Rabbi, he organized and ran a Jewish Chaplaincy program in the United States Army in Augsburg, Germany (1969-71). Jeser was an officer with a drug rehabilitation center in Vietnam (1971-72) during which time he was awarded a Bronze Star. In May, 2006, the Hebrew Union College, Institute of Jewish Religion, presented Mr. Jeser the Sherut L’Am award in recognition of his decades of service to the Jewish People. He returned this award to HUC in protest to what he believed to be anti-Israel activities.