Trump the Greatest Friend Israel Had in the White House

Obama Administration exiting the White House was a great relief for Israel once it no longer had to deal with the most Anti-Israel President in modern history.

Donald Trump with his new ideas and plans to improve the Israel-American Relationship was a welcomed change after Obama’s prejudice feelings towards Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria as well as the disastrously Iran Deal.

One of his first acts as President was to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

First two years of the new American Administration was unsuccessful at getting anything done policy wise.

Democrats unhappy with the results of the election worked hard to impeach the sitting President Trump.

At first the Democrats believed the Russian Government was involved in hacking the election machines to get Trump elected.

After two years of spending millions of dollars; Trump was acquitted on the impeachment trial.

Even though Trump was well known for doing business with African Americans and Jews, the media began to accuse him of being racists.

Trevor Noah on his talk show The Daily Show consistently would call Trump a racist after Charlottesville.

Trump said there were fine people on both sides and because one side had White Supremist marching the media associated the entire Right Wing part of the Charlottesville Protest as Nazis.

Fact on the ground is that there were non-racists right wing people who did not want the confederate statues torn down for the sake of preserving history.

Nazis came to Charlottesville to hijack the issue of Confederate statues being torn down and the media focused only on the Nazis.

Fact being Trump was talking about the right-wing non-racists who were protesting the tearing down of Confederate Statues.

Liberal Media focused on the Nazis in Charlottesville to bash President Trump.

The only success Trump had was a series of tax cuts and deregulations helping usher in economic prosperity.

Only on the third year of the Trump Administration was there positive action toward Israel.

Every single prior American Administration vowed to move the American Embassy but, only Trump actually fulfilled his promise.

Taylor Force act was signed by President Trump who stopped funding the corrupt Palestinian Authority for paying terrorists stipends for committing terror attacks.

Ambassador David Friedman under President Trump finally recognized Israeli Settlements as not barriers to peace and legal under international law.

Obama’s terrible Iran deal emboldened Iran to continue toward building a nuclear bomb and strengthened its proxies like Hezbollah as well as insurgents in Iraq.

Trump was quick to leave the Iran deal, sanctioned several companies doing business with Iran crippling their economy, and halting their ability to work toward a nuclear weapon.

Trump prevented future conflict between Israel and terror groups from fighting because Iran was hit financially that they were unable to fund their proxies.

Iran’s inability to properly fund its proxies meant they had no real ability attack Israel which meant there would not be any bloodshed.

Golan Heights were captured by Israel from Syria during the Six Day War and ever since it has been a strategic buffer against terrorist groups like ISIS from attacking its territory.

Under the Trump Administration the Golan Heights was recognized as sovereign Israeli territory.

Abraham Accords with Israel, Bahrain, and UAE were made possible through effort of the Trump Administration of negotiating with several countries over several months.

Finally Israel decided it would hold off annexing Area C to be able to sign a peace treaty with the UAE.

Part of the deal of the UAE signing a deal with Israel had to do with the US selling F- 35 fighters as a way to solidify the deal.

After decades of not having any kind of diplomatic relations between Bahrain, UAE and Israel due to their positions on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

They finally signed a peace deal at the White House allowing them to work together militarily, financially and allowing citizens to visit each others’ countries.

Trump pursued great policies favoring Israel and was ironically labeled an anti-Semite by the liberal media.

Abraham Accords was a historic achievement that should have given Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize .

President Trump was the most demonized President by the liberal media that none of his accomplishments were even praised.

American Jews who care more about being loyal to the Democratic Party than to their own fellow Jews voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden to reintroduce the terrible Obama policies that hurt Israel.

Trump will go down in history as being the greatest friend to Israel than any other US President in history.

Unfortunately, many American Jews could care less about Israel and cheered the day Trump left office.

Trump will be greatly missed and many Jews in Israel will yearn for the day we have a friend like Trump in the White house.

About the Author
Shlomo was born in Miami, Florida in 1989 and moved to Israel in 2012. He holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science and served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda Battalion. After serving in the military Shlomo studied in Yeshivat Shavie Hevron where he lived in Hebron. He now lives in Kiryat Arba, is a proud reservist in the Golani Brigade, and is a blogger for the Times of Israel.