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Trump Verdict. What Does It Mean for America Prospectively?

So, the Trump “show” trial is over, and predictably, Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts. I’m not going to discuss the nuts and bolts of the trial itself. Anyone who has been following it is fully cognizant of how it was rigged and why. The real issues are what it does it portend for America’s justice system? Will it remain fair and unbiased, or will politics and influence play a decisive role? What does it portend for America? Will there be equal opportunity under the law? Will the Bill of Rights and the Constitution apply equally to everyone or just a chosen few?

These are not hyperbolic questions. These are very real and serious issues. Read on for my opinion of these matters.

Today, the far-left progressives and the Trump-haters are rejoicing. I don’t know how many of them really think Trump was guilty of anything or whether or not he got a fair trial, but to them it doesn’t matter. To them the end justifies the means. Now they can paint Trump as a convicted felon. Many of them probably think he should be sentenced to prison for 100+ years or worse. These people are being short-sighted and are missing the main point.

In my view, there are two transcendent issues here:

If the powers-that-be can do this to Trump they can do it to any of us. If one were to say or do the “wrong” thing prospectively he could suffer the same fate. Any trial lawyer will tell you that even if you are innocent defending yourself can easily bankrupt you and, ruin your life and your family’s. Few of us have the financial resources, influence and mental and emotional toughness that Trump has. If they were to target the average citizen, they can easily break him.
The real goal was and is to taint the 2024 presidential election. Make no mistake about that. The Dems are hoping that branding Trump as a convicted felon or even incarcerating him will cause some voters to vote for someone else. They don’t care about the obvious sham of a trial. They don’t care if it is reversed on appeal, which according to most legal experts, is likely. Their plan is that such reversal will occur after the election, after their man has won. The only saving grace is that this is so obvious to most of us it will likely backfire. Indeed, according to Fox News and various other media outlets since the verdict Trump’s campaign has already received $40 million in donations, and these were small donations, which indicate widespread support. Today, in his speech Trump stated that a new poll showed a 6% jump in support, but we’ll see what additional polls tell us over the next few days.

I am not a lawyer. I am not an expert on the appellate process. But, like most of you I do have common sense and a sense of right and wrong. If I were a member of Trump’s legal team I would not sit back and wait for the slow-grinding NY appeals process to play out. As I said, that would not remedy the matter until after the election. I would figure out a way to get this matter into the federal courts, ideally the Supreme Court, before the election. I recall that in the 2000 election the SC reviewed the Florida “hanging Chad” issue on an expedited basis, so there is precedent. As I said above, this decision transcends NYC; it impacts the entire country. His team is highly competent and highly paid. Figure it out. I would presume they are planning to do just that.

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