Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


There are so many things happening, in the large world, and in our personal worlds.

We have a choice: Worry, or don’t worry. Try to figure out solutions, or relax. Rehash, or go to sleep.

Sometimes it’s good to worry, strategize, and reanalyze things. But sometimes, it’s better to forget about it.

Imagine someone walking along with a heavy backpack. And he sees a good friend. So he takes the heavy backpack, and he tosses it over to his friend, and asks him to carry it for him. In Psalm 55, King David wrote: “Throw your load unto G-d, and He will take care of you.”

There’s a time for action, and we trust in G-d to bless our efforts with success. And there’s a time to just stop, relax, and trust that He will help us.

So the next time you can’t sleep, or you can’t relax, because you’re worried, try gathering everything into one bundle, and throw it over to G-d, and let Him carry it for you. And rely on Him to take care of everything.

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