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Truth is Winning in Lithuania

Jonas Noreika plaque missing (author photo)
Jonas Noreika plaque missing (author photo)

For the first time since my own J’Accuse! campaign started in 2019 (decades after Grant Gochin’s and Silvia Foti’s) I am daring to believe that Truth is winning. This has been a startling week.

It began for me with a small post on Facebook. There it was, a rectangular shadow on a bland brick building surrounded by scaffolding. The most important statue of Lithuanian national hero, underwear thief and mass murderer Jonas Noreika had been kidnapped from its prestigious home on the walls of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in central Vilnius and spirited at night away to an undisclosed ‘safe location’. The  nefarious work of thieves and liars, no doubt about it.

And who are these thieves and liars? Well the Lithuanian government of course (though emphatically not the people).

Why liars? Because for decades they have been making up lies to defend known mass murderers like the butcher of Plunge, Jonas Noreika. These lies are systemically manufactured – for the few people who still don’t know, the Lithuanian  government’s Genocide Centre employs over a hundred ‘historians’ to make up lies in order to justify the hero worship of known mass murderers and underwear thieves like Noreika.  Unbelievable, I know. But true.

Now every time you challenge the post-truth porkyfest of Fortress Lithuania (yes, the government) they retreat into what I call ‘the`Lithuanian Silence Forest’. There, as I have described before, they clamp their ears, cover their eyes,  squeeze their noses then bury their whole head in the forest floor. It is inconvenient but the ruse does succeed in avoiding any dialogue with any Jew asking any question about any aspect of the grotesque Lithuanian Holocaust.  Their diplomats, who notoriously all love latkes, missing Jews,  the Vilna Gaon and Yad Vashem, are world experts in this (read my piece on their shameful silence regarding J’Accuse! ).

But now J’Accuse! is breaching the walls of Fortress Lithuania and they can’t stop it. And why can’t they stop it? Not because of scores of thousands of angry Jews (they really don’t care about them) but because of  Silvia Foti, Noreika’s extraordinary granddaughter, who has risked everything and lost much in her relentlessly courageous quest for truth. Silvia they can’t ignore.

So the blockheads in Vilnius (yes, the government) have two problems. Two big problems. A big Silvia problem. And a huge, NATO-sized problem.

Next month Vilnius will host a very important NATO delegation and how uncomfortable will it be if every member of that procession knows they are passing the statue of a man as evil and guilty as Jonas Noreika. They will know that this  Noreika was in charge of Plunge when the entire Jewish community, more than 40% of the town, was humiliated in every disgusting way then herded into their beautiful synagogue and starved for three weeks in the summer heat before being murdered. And much, much, much more besides. The delegation will know this because the victims, in their own film, J’Accuse! are telling them across the world, every day. 

And that is why the Lithuanian government had no choice but to snatch Noreika, drag him off to some fascistic hideout then drape his building in plastic. And they are still hoping that when the entourage has passed they will simply return  the underwear thief and mass murderer back to his wall as a contemptuous fuck-you to the Yids. I guess they just can’t help themselves.

Well I’m not so sure they’ll succeed for three reasons. The first is that there are now hundreds of thousands of Jews who have seen or heard about J’Accuse! and who will no longer accept Lithuania’s lies and insults. The second is that all those important Jews who bow and scrape and gobble up Lithuania’s gaudy awards, gongs, stipends, settlements and favours will have to tread a lot more carefully because even they must be aware of the Jewish debt to Silvia Foti. Who knows, even Yad Vashem might cotton on someday.

And the third reason is NATO itself. The Noreika case presents a huge problem to NATO (and the EU for that matter). Is NATO an organisation that sanctions Holocaust lies and relies on countries whose government hero worships mass murderers and underwear thieves? Is the battle against Russia not about historical truth? If so, don’t Lithuanian antisemitic lies weaken the NATO alliance in a fundamental way?  These are questions that NATO cannot ignore.

I  called the Lithuanian government thieves as well as liars. But what precisely has the Lithuanian government stolen?

It is this: the innocence of the Lithuanian People. The integrity of its institutions. The reputation of its academy. And, most importantly, the future of its children who are being brought up to hero worship the very worst that Man is capable of.




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Bulawayo born, a former travel writer for the Sunday Times and director/producer for the BBC and other once important media organisations, a keeper of chickens and grower of fruit and veg, a biker, a student of Torah, a Dad and Grandad... and a man determined to fight for justice in Lithuania.