Turkey should be placed on trial, not Israel

Today, a Turkish court decided to begin a trial for four former Israeli military commanders over their role in the 2010 killing of nine Turkish citizens taking part in the flotilla aiming to reach Hamas-ruled Gaza. The Israeli officers are being tried in absentia.

Without a doubt, it is the Turkish government which needs to be tried for the deaths of the Islamic terrorists on the Mavi Marmara and not IDF officials. The Turkish leader Erdogan was the one who allowed these extremists from Al Qaeda, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to launch a naval expedition against Israel, a country that Turkey was not at war with. The United Nations has investigated the Israeli coastal blockade of Gaza and has determined that it was in full compliance with international law. The flotilla, which was provided material support by the Turkish government, was a provocation designed to endanger the lives of Israeli sailors tasked with enforcing the lawful blockade. As such, officials in Istanbul and their role in this act of war against a non belligerent nation needs to be investigated. Erdogan must be tried for his liability over the deaths of the terrorists and the serious injuries to Israeli servicemen.

It should be noted that last year the Mavi Marmara was stopped from sailing again after we brought legal action against its insurance providers.

About the Author
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is an Israeli civil rights attorney and the founder of the Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, an Israeli based civil rights organization which legally holds to account terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them. They are also dedicated to combating discrimination against Israel through the boycott and 'lawfare' campaigns.