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Turkey stuffing

Finally, it’s cheaper to buy something in Israel rather than in North America.


Over the last few months I have discovered that I can buy 5 bags (5 lbs.) of pasta for about 10 ILS. That translates to $2.88 for our US customers and $3.79 for our Canadian pasta lovers.

So why aren’t tourists packing bags of pasta and taking them home?

Oh right! There are no tourists because the antisemitic airline carriers are not flying into Israel.

But why is pasta so much cheaper in Israel than in North America?

Follow closely…

The pasta I am buying is to “Italian Pasta” as Moscato sparkling wine is to “Champagne.”

It’s a knockoff.

After buying it a few times and boiling it and watching farfalle fall apart in the boiling water, I took a closer look at the “Italian” packaging. When I turned it over to see what city it is made in, I discovered that it’s made in Istanbul!

That brings me to my next point.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the “democratically elected” dictator of Turkey is probably the most despicable enemy of Israel. But even after he hurls anti-Israel and anti-semitic rants against Israel, the State of Israel continues to trade with Turkey. In 2022 Turkey sold Israel over $7 billion worth of goods and services. Israel sold Turkey only $2.3 Billion.

Someone who has more than a $4 Billion trade surplus with us should probably keep his mouth shut.

So I am doing my part in reducing this trade imbalance.  I am no longer buying Turkish pasta and I will examine every product I buy to make sure that I no longer support the Turkish economy. Erdogan is a strong supporter of BDS. It is time for Turkey to get a dose of BDS.

I am going back to buying Osem or Barilla brands of pasta. And yes, it is still cheaper in Israel than it is in North America.


There was a worldwide shortage of rice in the 1950s after Mao took over China. That was when the OSEM product “ptitim” went into market under the name of Israeli couscous. It was also known in some parts of the world as “Ben-Gurion’s Rice.” The story is told that due to the rice shortage, the prime minister of Israel approached the Osem Food Company with the idea of creating a cheaper replacement for rice for the Israeli citizens.

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