Turkish Jews Are Aware

Turkish Generation Next Organisation visiting Renovated Edirne Synagogue
Turkish Jews

Turkish Jews..  approximately 18,000 individuals… Every single one of them with their free will and personal ambitions and goals.

Some interested in the arts, some interested in politics, some works in textile and some works in education…

Almost 60 percent of the Turkish Jews are University graduates. Out of this 60 percent probably half of them have a Master’s degree.

Mostly successfull, clever and well-educated crowd.

* * *

I come across articles with titles similar to “Turkish Jews leaving “, “Are Turkish Jews Safe” or “Turkish Jews should G.T.F.O. when they still can”. These articles are published by mainstream media outlets or little blogs and I see them as “Insults” to Turkish Jews.

Turkish Jews who live in Turkey chose to live there. Turkish Jews who live in other places like England, USA, Canada, Panama, Israel, Spain, Italy, Philippines, China, Thailand, Ireland, Holland, Austria and Australia choose to live in those countries.

Yes; it might be unimaginable for the rest of the world’s Jews to live in a Muslim majority populated country, but we do it knowing there are other options avaiable if we decide.

So please “STOP!” belittling our intellect and choices and let us live in whichever society and country we see fit.

About the Author
Jack E. Civre was born as a Jew in Turkey Istanbul in 1985. He studied Engineering. During his University years he started being involved in Public Diplomacy.