Tzipi Livni, You Are Right. And Wrong.

You are right, Ms Livni, Honourable Minister of Justice.  Writing on facebook or chanting in town, “Death to arabs!” has to be made illegal.  Not only because of a fear that it might incite someone to commit murder.  After decades of terror attacks followed by such chants, and only two incidents of people “losing their minds” and actually doing such a thing (and one of them prompted by a “plant”), it is fairly safe to say that we are bigger talkers than do-ers.

But these things must be made illegal because our country needs laws against Hate Speech and Hate Literature.

But, Honourable Minister, why didn’t you think of that a day earlier?   When you and I and most of the country read  the facebook posting by an arab medical student of the Israeli Technions’ medical school – in which he applauded the Palestinain “3 GOALS” scored by means of murdering three Jewish children?

Why didn’t you think of outlawung hate speech when H’nin Zoabi said that the kidnappers are not terrorists, or when members of knesset expressed sympathy and understanding for suicide bombers?

Why didn’t you think of that when hundreds of Israeli arabs celebrated the kidnapping with the new three-fingered victory salute, up there on our Temple Mount?

Why doesn’t it bother you when arabs support the murder of Jews?  Why don’t you pass laws against your peace-partner, Abu Mazen, who uses money you give him in order to pay stipends to all the terrorists that our soldiers risked their lives in order to put behind bars – to ensure YOUR childrens’ safety?

Why doesn’t it trouble you that Arab children, on both sides of the green line, dress up as suicide bombers, and learn from schoolbooks that wipe Israel off the map?  In truth, even those red signs warning people to stay out of area A imply that killing Jews is allowed; any Jew going into those areas is “risking his life.”  That sign tells the local arabs that the Israeli government agrees that Jews may be killed there.

Hate literature, hate slogans, calls for violence – they all have to be outlawed.  Even amongst ourselves the Jews, there are politicians and journalists who don’t mind calling other Jews “Nazis” or saying that they deserve to die because they live in certain parts of Eretz Yisrael.  A certain left-wing newspaper is known for running cartoons that portray religious , nationalistic Israelis as Shylock or worse.  Certain ultra-orthodox politicians used holocaust imagery in order to portray their political rivals as enemies of Torah and Judaism.  The word “shemad,” which is used in our ancient texts to refer to decrees (by our worst enemies in histor)y forbidding keeping any mitzvot, is bandied around in any situation in which one group feels that their religious stringencies might be compromised.  And, on another side, Galei Tzahal radio recently broadcast people fearlessly stating, “the group I woud most like to reduce are the ultra-orthodox.” Not just one caller shared his hatred on the airwaves that night, several did.   This, too, did not motivate you to pass laws forbidding hate speech.

And with all that, the hate speech that is allowed, even in the Knesset, against Israel and Israelis, must receive priority treatment.  It is our biggest threat.  Because, as we have seen in the kidnapping of these three boys, as well as in the 40+ kidnapping attempts over the past 3 years, only the anti-Jewish terrorists take their hate directives literally.  And only they pride themselves on integrating their children into their hate culture.

Yes, Ms Livni, you do have to pass anti-hate laws.  The sooner the better.  Just make sure that those laws protect Jews at least as much as they protect our enemies.

About the Author
Chana made Aliya at age 17 as part of her goal to live Torah in the details. When not writing obsessively, she is a full-time wife and mother, with side helpings of remedial math teaching and case management for special-needs kids. Currently studying psychology and education at Open University and desperately seeking cleaning help.