Tzofim — Israeli Scouts

Concomitant with a previous posting, the impact of Israeli events was recently ‘brought home ‘ .

Here in Canada if things take place they may impact the lives of Canadians, but have only minor repercussions outside the borders of our country. Maybe the price of Maple Syrup futures is impacted ?

Events in Israel on the other hand are constantly under the microscope of the whole world. Both of in terms those in the Jewish diaspora and the world at large.

Here in Canada if someone obtains a planning approval it may only be put under a local microscope. A similar event in Israel may end up on the floor of the United Nations !

Recently I drove down to a restoration village near the Canada/US border and on the way down happily listened to a a recently acquired CD of the TZOFIM Friendship Caravan which I had attended at the performance in Ottawa a week before. Their music is wonderful and great to drive to even though I do not understand a word of Ivrit..

During the course of my visit to the museum buildings I was startled by being welcomed at one point by an obviously Orthodox lady and her two sons. Were they people who recognized me from the JCC in Ottawa or had I attended study sessions with their family ?

Only later did it dawn on me that I had been wearing the TZOFIM Israel Scouts t-shirt which I had purchased together with the CD the night of the Ottawa concert !

It must be a very sobering thought to realize that one’s country; Israel in this instance, is capable of making friends out of strangers and influencing events far beyond its borders.

About the Author
Yonatan Michael Curry is retired Canadian Public servant who has been a frequent traveler to Israel since 2003. With an interest in daily life and its associated values he brings a fresh, observant and unbiased view on various aspects of Israeli daily life. And not without a bit of humour. Though he has never rented a car while there Yonatan has travelled the length and breadth of Israel.