U.S, KSA and M.E; three Sideways of a triangle

An exclusive interview with a Patriotic liberal and Former Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress about some important issues in the middle east and the United State foreign policy in the middle east.

Our relationship with Saudi Arabia has always been very complex. It is not a free and fair democracy; the government itself has a history of unfortunate brutality including what appears to be ordering the murder of Jamal Khashoggi who was also an US resident, said Ms. Dena Grayson, the American medical doctor, researcher and politician.I think that when it comes to the Middle East there are a lot of shades of gray; I mean it is a very challenging situation; looking at the humanitarian crises in Yemen for example. What is basely a proxy war going on between the Saudis and the Iranians which victimize Yemeni people, a lot of innocent civilians are suffering with the largest cholera outbreak in world’s history, she also added.

On the other hand, there is the reality that Saudi Arabia sits on a lot of oil and that provide them with a fair amount of leverage in the world stage. We as the world leader I think should stand up and certainly consider potentially sanctioning certain individuals that are directly involved with ordering the murder of Mr. Khashoggi. I think there are other things that we can done as well behind the scenes but I have zero confidence that Mr. Trump will do any of these things. He is for whatever reasons perhaps nefarious reasons; that be on his personal enrichments or his son in law Jerald Kushner; he seems to be extremely enamored with the Saudi regime. It similar to what we see his relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia; it is very bizarre.

As it obvious, with the US weapons lots of innocent children has been killed in Yemen. The local sources announced one child is killed each ten minutes in Yemen.
“What I would like us to do instead of focusing on one issue which is the weapon aspect which is an important one; focus on bigger issues of bringing people on the table to have at least a temporary ceasefire in Yemen, getting food in and medicine and clean water in to the Yemeni people, and figure out a peaceful solution to what is an absolute disaster. Right now, just to say we not going to sell weapons, that potentially change the balance in favor of Iranians perhaps, so, I think it much more than one aspect of it this that say we are going to stop selling weapons” Dr. Grayson said.

the world is watching that our people do care and we want to end this suffering, I do not think that this is just the Saudis or just the Iranian there are multiple bad actors we cannot say this is just for Saudis or etc. let’s come to the table, let’s be leaders of the world stage as Americans and work for a longer-term solution, Dr. Grayson’s message for Yemenis children.

When Dr Grayson was asked about the Iran nuclear deal she said:
when that deal was strike I did not like the deal but you want to know what I did not like even more? I did not like no deal; because it was very clear that Iranian were getting close to getting a nuke and every nuclear scientist, and I am a scientist myself, they look to the deal and said it was the toughest deal on the nuclear side of things that they ever seen. The reality was that the best deal we were going to get. They get the money back, why we pulled out from deal? That was vert ill-advised to me by the Trump administration.

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.