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UBS Group AG ‘fully’ absorbing Credit Suisse leaves behind Nazi past

UBS Building, New York City  (Wikipedia CY BB 4.0)
UBS Building, New York City (Wikipedia CY BB 4.0)

After Switzerland’s largest wealth management bank in the world, UBS, had admitted it benefited from Nazi slave labour during World War Two, it’s now dealing with Crédit Suisse’s heritage unveiled by Pedro Filipuzzi and the Simon Wiesenthal Center and supported by US Senate. Let’s go back in time a little and have a look at some recent messages.

Ludwig Freude, officer in Charge of the Nazi Embassy in Buenos Aires (Av. Leandro N. Alem 168), president of the German Transatlantic Bank in Buenos Aires, and head of German industrialists in Perón’s Argentina received the Nazi Eagle to the industrial merits during the ’40s. When the German ambassador in Argentina was expelled due to his relationship with nazi money laundering in the same Ludwig Freude Bank, he continued the expelled from Buenos Aires Nazi Ambassador Von Thermann’s job, funneling laundered nazi money to the Schweitzerische Kreditanstalt (Credit Suisse). All that money is now in UBS and Oliver Widmer found it working as a lawyer for Alfred Freude (grandson of Ludwig Freude and son of Rodolfo Freude, (whom I met in 1997/2002 when passed away from colon cancer) did 14 (fourteen) presentations in Credit Suisse searching Ludwig Freude’s money…. .  He was the head of Perón’s secret police, head of Odessa (in reality Sare o Sociedad Argentina de Refugiados Europeos a euphemism to say the least of a Nazi rattline Organization in collution with Vatican) who allowed Mengele, Eichmann, Priebke, Klaus Barbie the assassin of Jean Moulin from French Resistance, Roschmann, Walter Kutschmann and thousand more enter into Peron’s Argentina), Rodolfo Koennecke (grandson of Ludwig Freude and son of Werner Koennecke chief of the nazi spy ring in Argentina and south America “Bolivar”) and Margarita Koennecke (grandaughter of Ludwig Freude).

Christian Küng and Reto Hosli are both vice presidents of Credit Suisse in charge of giving a positive response to Oliver Widmer regarding Nazi’s accounts inside Credit Suisse…..They did it !!!

Oliver Widmer is a top-notch lawyer at Pestalozzi Lawyers. Now he’s representing thousands of germans descendants in search of nazi accounts inside Credit Suisse.

First message:

Dear Mr Widmer,

Is it possible to speak to you very briefly tomorrow Monday?
Mr. Freude will then go on vacation and we still have an important question.

Many thanks for your help
Best regards

Margarita Koennecke

Dear Mme Koenneke,

I’m on vacation this week. But we can talk on the phone later on that day. For example, 6:00 p.m., today in Zurich/2:00 p.m., today in Buenos Aires. 

Sincerly,  Oliver Widmer

Third message:

Dear Mr Widmer,

We are sending you a draft of the letter to -Crédit Suisse. As discussed over the phone, we once again mentioned the route of the funds and the accounts on the Internet. If you make changes, we ask you to coordinate them with us again. We promised this to Mr. Filipuzzi. We don’t want to harm him or other people who work with him. One question remained in our minds: since we submitted all the documents a long time ago and the process is ongoing, can it continue automatically if it is not yet completed by the end of the year?

Thank you again for your help Best regards

Margarita Koennecke

Fourth message:

Good morning Marguerite,

I send you a respectful greeting. Remember to contact the Swiss lawyer Christian Küng (Assistant Vice President Crédit Suisse AG) to assist you with the issue of directly claiming the account of your grandfather Ludwig Freude. Its Director Reto Hösli is the one that appears in the attached info.

The phone is +41 (0) 44 334 01 68

It would be very good if we asked the World Jewish Congress for assistance by turning to its powerful regional arm, the World Jewish Congress, because of the 12,000 accounts that I presented to you, there would be Jewish families. Many of them related to the Holocaust (Shoah).

If any of those 12,000 accounts have money, we should get Crédit Suisse AG to open them all permanently. And to be able to compensate the descendants of the people who appear in those accounts. It would be a very fair recognition.

Triple Brotherly Hug.

Pedro Filipuzzi

Fifth message:

Good morning Christian,

I send you a big greeting and I hope you are well. I request that you please manage the necessary resources to check at Crédit Suisse if the accounts corresponding to the German Union of Guilds (there are 12,000 accounts) that were related to the “Schweizerische Kreditanstalt.” They are in the bank where you work. This bank was the basis of the current Crédit  Suisse.

There may be nothing at Crédit  Suisse, but as the German Trade Unions it was related to the “Schweizerische Kreditanstalt.” there is a doubt about whether your bank contains the 12,000 accounts of the German Union of Trade Unions.

I have in my possession the complete list of the 12,000 accounts obtained from the Special Investigative Commission of Anti-Argentine Activities of the Argentine National Congress (1942). I make them available to you completely free of charge. I also make them available to the Embassy of Israel in Argentina, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the beloved Latin American Jewish Congress where I have the honor of being a simple contributing writer. I am the author of the essay Discrimination and Anti-semitism in Telefonica (Ed. Dunken 2017).

I want to help the Jewish community to recover part of its history and make all this information public about the 12,000 accounts of the German Trade Union.

I am even willing to go to the world press with the 12,000 accounts of the  German Union of Guilds to give you help in the search (if they exist) of all those accounts in Crédit Suisse.

The German Union of Guilds was the metamorphosis in Argentina of the Nazi organization deutsche arbeitsfront prohibited in Argentina by presidential decree. It is very important that as much information as possible about these 12,000 accounts be disclosed – I have all the names, all the account numbers and the opening date in my possession. I put all of this at your service completely free of charge.

After an investigation, where I was helped by the Anglo-Argentine journalist Andrew Graham-Yooll, it was concluded that the accounts of the German Union of Guilds could have followed a path of Safeheaven that began in the “Schweizerische Kreditanstalt.” And they could be in Crédit Suisse today.

For this reason, I am copying the Buenos Aires Times, which is the newspaper where Andrew Graham-Yooll worked when we were investigating the accounts.

Being able to publish the 12,000 accounts with their numbers and names would serve as historical testimony and could illuminate a little-known historical moment in the world history of damnable Anti-semitism.


Thanks for your help. I'll give you my cell phone 11 22 93 73 68

A triple brotherly hug

Eng. Pedro Alberto Filipuzzi.

Sixth message: 
Dear Mr. Filipuzzi,
Your email correspondence with the Koennecke and Freude family was not agreed by any of my clients. This is very unprofessional and might cause a damage to my clients. I ask you to stop any further communication. We will communicate with you, should we need any assistance.
We reserve any rights and legal proceedings against you.
Kind regards
Oliver Widmer
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