Mordechai Rose
Author of works on classical Jewish thought

UK Jewish schools in desperate fight for survival

In the last year, 19 Orthodox Jewish schools have been classed as inadequate by government inspectors and risk being threatened with closure. This would affect approximately 4,000 children.

New laws are being proposed by the British goverment which would obligate all schools without exception to teach about intimate relationships and alternative LGBT lifestyles.

This is all part of a neo-liberal agenda that, under the banner of tolerance, seeks to impose its views on the entire population with seeming intolerance. Left unchecked, it is likely to radically alter the traditional balance of British society.

The head of Ofsted, the goverment’s schools’ inspection agency has openly declared that “muscular liberalism” must have the confidence to close schools that “under the pretext of religious belief use educational institutions to narrow young people’s horizons, to isolate and segregate.” All children must be prepared for life in modern secular Britain. There is no place for antiquated religious world-views in the Brave New World of modern Britain.

Please click on the link below to access an article which brings indisputable facts (linked to their sources) outlining the existential crisis that theatens Orthodox Jewish schools in England  — and by extension the entire Ortrthodox Jewish community. Jewish schools — the crisis intensifies.

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Mordechai Rose lives in NW London. He has a degree in Classical Languages and Political Science from Cambridge University. He has written a detailed translation and commentary of Daas Tevunos (Knowing G-d's Plan) by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. This was published two years ago by Feldheim Publishers. He is currently working on a new adaptation of the Alshich's famous commentary on the Torah (Toras Moshe). The first volume is due to be published next year, also by Feldheim. He also gives Torah classes on Jewish thought.