Kanyi Ndewa

UN and Hamas shares the same HQ in Gaza. They are one and the same.

The discovery of terror tunnel connected to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, (,UNRWA) has finally confirmed our worst fears. That the UN has been an ally of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups all through. Beneath UNRWA compound in Gaza is not just a tunnel, it is the main headquarter of Hamas. Under UN compound are massive servers for probably all terrorist organisations in the world.

If you remember, after the October 7th massacre, Mr. Guterres, the UN secretary general tried to justify the slaughter of Jews by stating that the evil human butchery did not happen in a vacuum. His vacuum speech provided the intellectual premise for narratives portraying Hamas as freedom fighters while depicting Jews as oppressors deserving elimination. That’s why I refer to him as Antonio Vacuum Guterres.

UNRWA is Hamas and Hamas is UNRWA. The evidence that the basement of UN headquarters in Gaza serves as the nerve centre of genocidal terror organisations is solid. It therefore follows the war in the middle East is between Iran-UN-Hamas on the one hand and Israel on the other. As if to rub pepper to an open wound, Iran was recently the chair of UN’s human rights council!!! What a cynical world!!

Consequently, the hostages are in the hands of the evil trinity of Iran-UN and Hamas. The world should demand that the UN releases the hostages. One can not imagine the UN holding a one year old baby inside the terror dungeons of Gaza. According to Mr. Guterres, the innocent Israeli men, women and children captives are not wasting away in a vacuum, they somehow deserve the indignity, the devastating horror of being caged in dark tunnels like moles, raped, tortured, and dehumanized beyond imagination.

The United Nations is criminally culpable oohin the October 7th massacre and abductions. The UN must release the hostages. The useless circumlocutious negotiations in Qatar and the cynical resolutions by the security council and general assembly are mere diversionary tactics. The United Nations must release the hostages. Period. In fact, Hamas is a subsidiary of the United Nations. Mr.Vacuum Guterres, Yahya Sinwah and Ismael Haniyeh are birds of a feather

About the Author
Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.