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‘Under A Kid’s Bed’

I publicly wish to thank Times of Israel and the photographer Emanual Fabian for use of this photo

Conscious + UNCONSCIOUS Choices
How to Crack Hamas’s Nuts

The Prologue to Violence* is Early Childhood

War Blog #23

Hamas’s Internal World and External Reality
Cf. revisit War Blog #9

6% of thinking is conscious = the military tactical & strategic placement = the external world of Hamas

94% of thinking is UNCONSCIOUS motivated by negative affects of distress (most likely do to trauma) that were not processed nor articulated through language; instead the behavior is acted out nonverbal such as by the unconscious choice of placing a tunnel under a child’s bed like the placement near a playground cf. War Blog # 21 = the internal violent world of Hamas cf. Hamas’s mental battle with their mothers

Under a kid’s bed in Gaza

“It’s not ethical, the way that Hamas works,” said a reservist engineering officer — whose identity is censored from publication — while showing The Times of Israel and another journalist the tunnel.

“They use a children’s room to hide a tunnel, below the children’s bed… This is the reality,” he said.

I have already blogged about the Unconscious choice of placement of rocket launchers near a playground. Cf. War Blog #21 True it is not ethical but this is because Hamas is psychotic and what is being dealt with is their reverse superego – where the world in which they live is the direct opposite of ours — where good is evil and evil is good. Think of Isaiah 5 as our sages understood this and we need to understand this as well and not be in denial.

The Use of the Mosque for Tunnels and Weapons
The use of the mosque as a place for armaments for jihad has a long history. This should not surprise us and we have encountered this, many times over in many wars and especially at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

“We encounter a lot of weapons, a lot of tunnels. Here you saw one under a children’s room. We found them in playgrounds, we found them in kindergartens, and in mosques. Tomorrow morning someone will say ‘Why did they attack a mosque?’ This is why,” Adoniram said.”

It is a perversion. Why? Because a perversion is the misuse of an object such as a mosque. Mosques should only be a place for prayer and the Islam of peace but that is not the case. This is “speaking in two tongues.” The dishonesty is a strategy to throw non-Muslims off in believing that there can be peace but more importantly communicates that Hamas never experienced “basic trust” during early childhood.

The Need to Continue to Speak “Hamas-ese”
With tendrils of underground fortifications running beneath crowded residential neighborhoods, the army says it has little choice but to bring the fight to the homes, hospitals, schools and clinics believed to shield the network. [my emphasis] On October 7, Hamas terrorists forced their way into Israeli homes and turned bedrooms into war zones. In a sick twist, the terror group’s cynical use of civilians as human shields is now forcing Israel’s soldiers to do the same.

This quote from the above article verifies what I have been writing about all along especially in my War Blog # 3 – “By Land, Sea and Air.”

We have no choice but speak to them in the only language they know — Hamas-ese.

The Unconscious Placement and Interpretation of the Bedroom for a Tunnel
Hamas unknowingly reveals to us that their childhood was a psychotic mess. In a hyper shame honor culture there are no boundaries, especially concerning sexuality. Submission is the aim to coerce and terrify children into behaving. Due to the horrendous mutilation of the bodies of Israelis on the Black Sabbath 07.10.23 where the sex of many victims could not be identified because the genitals were so destroyed and the rapes, these perverse criminal acts communicate nonverbally that sexual abuse is rampant in their society.

Mosab Hassan Youssef revealed that he had been raped as a child. Anal rape among boys is very common. There are no personal boundaries because this is a “fused group” where one is not permitted to separate from the mother; they are smothered. One cannot get their needs appropriately met in shame honor cultures. It is all power and control. Many of the little girls are targeted as well. It does not surprise me as a psychoanalyst that a tunnel would be found under a child’s bedroom. This is psychotic behavior. Hamas did not have mothers who could protect them from their very own people, own family members.

To conclude
As readers of this blog series, it must be increasingly apparent that Hamas’s terrorism is redundant and boring. This is the essence of jihad. This is its autistic, concrete dimension. However, is crucial that we understand its full significance and lethality. All behavior is potentially meaningful even though it is psychotic. For some readers this will help in deepening the understand of what is going on. The explication will help disconnect our maternal terrors from theirs. It will even help us to develop better strategies. Remember that Mosab Hassan Youssef said that he could not tell his mother about the rape because it was so shameful. Shame is the greatest enemy. Hamas has been trying to humiliate and shame the Jews – the dhimma on acount of their own shameful childhoods. We pay the price. The only way to stop Hamas is to continue to communicate in the only language they know. After that we will then speak Hezbollah-ese, Palestinian West Bank-ese, and internally within Israel we will speak Israeli Arab-ese in order to destroy and rid the Israeli Arab communities which hold on to 400,000 weapons. They complain how Israeli Jewish law enforcement and government have done nothing to curb their internal violence. Well that will be attended to as well even though their problem arises from mistreatment in early childhood and it spills over into the Jewish sector which then we are not only blamed (this is typical because in their mind’s eye Jews are Dhimma whose very root in Arabic means to blame) It then becomes our problem. However, Jews are polyglots. We’ve got this and we can do this.

We will see better days but unfortunately it won’t be for a while.


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Dr. Kobrin made aliyah in 2010 and is an internationally renowned counterterrorism expert and psychoanalyst holding a PhD in Islamic literature, aljamía 16th c. Author of five books. She has conducted prison interviews, a former military contractor with an academic appointment as external expert at La Universidad de Granada. She is a senior research analyst for The Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism Center. She also works in citizen diplomacy. In August 2020 she was the first Israeli to be live-streamed from Islamabad.