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UNHRC Agenda, Permanent Item 7 – calls to action!

Three times a year the United Nations so-called Human Rights Council convenes for about a month. Since 2007 it has had a permanent Agenda Item 7 to discuss any and every real or imagined possible violation of human rights by Israel.

In sharing some amazing short speeches by critics of this policy, Brian of London wrote (on Israellycool 21 March )

I can’t help but think, however, that the entire thing should be boycotted.  …. Israel and all the major nations boycott this Agenda item 7. Every time. The only ones who show up to speak for Israel are NGOs …

I just don’t see how granting it any kind of legitimacy helps us.

I have two rejoinders.

  1. The UN’s constant Israel-bashing is contributing significantly to terrorism and support of terrorism. The talks given by the pro-Israel NGOs and individuals such as  Kay Wilson and Richard Lakin’s son might influence some of those present.
  2. The boycott of Agenda Item 7 is hardly ever talked about – except in connection with the US e.g.  “US affirms it stands with Israel at UNHRC, continues Agenda Item 7 boycott”  Jerusalem Post, Tovah Lazaroff (2016.03.23).

So here are my calls to action.

  1. Watch the videos – e.g. on Israelly Cool. Share them if you think they can move people.
  2. Try to get President Obama to work harder. Tovah Lazaroff reports that getting Item 7 removed from the UNHRC agenda has been one of President Obama’s top priorities.
  3. Find out if your own country participates in Agenda Item 7.
    If so, explain to the most relevant decision maker you can find – as best you can – why it should not.
    If your country already boycotts, praise the most relevant decisions makers – publicly, if possible. Perhaps my little piece on the need for those who don’t hate Israel to step forward openly – with courage – can be used as a rallying call?
  4. Sign this petition: Call on “Human Rights Council” to remove the biased Item #7. World Zionist Organization – and share it. Even though I have serious doubts about the efficacy of petitions when delivered to the target group, we can use petitions to express support to the petitioners.
  5. Do the fast of Esther. It’s only a sun-up to sun-down – and so highly appropriate during these very troubled times.


Session 31 of the council will soon be ending. I can’t find a link to the session yesterday (21 March) in which item 7 was discussed. If I find it, I will add it as a comment to this posting. But be warned – most decent people don’t have the stomach to watch much of it.

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