Unilateral italian steps are enemies to any peace

There must be an error. It is not possible that such a flood of ignorance and malice could be pouring on the Italian Parliament, which, in the footsteps of Sweden and the UK, it is about to be hit by three requests to recognize the Palestinian state.

The first one is a majority’s motion signed by 19 MPs from the joint group and from the Democratic Party, then there is a document from the “5 Star Movement” that treats Israel like a doormat, and then again there is the “Left Ecology Freedom” party (SEL), for which its move is to be considered “a key element to ensure a negotiated solution”. And this is particularly odd, as it happens while the negotiation process is being replaced by an outright imposition.

The Palestinians have refused that negotiation many times, and what should actually be done, if anything, is to invite them through a motion to sit down at the negotiating table and stop dreaming about throwing all the Israeli into the sea!

A Palestinian State could be an object of negotiation and recognition only between the two parties, because it lacks of the necessary features to stand up on its own and to ensure its interlocutor’s security, Israel, which always remains the target for the unceasing and murderous Palestinian terror. Palestine, once it has reached an agreement with Israel about the borders (and Israel has already given up territories on various occasions, while the Palestinians have never dropped their project to destroy it), should become a reliable entity, with a legal government, a judiciary system, an economy, and a culture that must not be as racist as it is nowadays, an entity willing to negotiate on the right of return… Where is all this? Where is the State?

To imagine a Palestinian State no matter how, completely deters the Palestinians from gearing up to become a reliable State and sitting down at the negotiating table. The Palestinians say: “They shower gifts and favors on us, so let us stay with our hands outstretched and refuse any compromise, let us keep asking for borders that ignore Israel’s most ordinary security needs, and let us keep receiving unrestrained economic assistance”.

What kind of Palestinian State does the Italian Parliament want to vote for? The one that does not renew its government since 2005, a State where the agreement with Hamas, the terrorist organization, has been the only new move of that out-of-date leadership? In order to recognize a Palestinian State, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the Italian Parliament to ask for a different legislature from the present one, a governing body that would not discriminate women, persecute homosexuals or use the death penalty? Shouldn’t it ask for a government that would stop the corruption, which allows money to end up in someone’s personal wealth or to be used in the instigation and in fostering hatred through the TV and the newspapers? If the international community keeps rewarding it, why should Fatah stop to pay salaries to the terrorists in jail (with our money, by the way), why should it stop to teach in the schools that Israel does not actually exist, or stop to name squares after terrorists? Is there anyone who has something to say about the Fatah-Hamas government? Are we really expecting a contribution to the peace process from this Palestinian State?

Judging from the visit of Federica Mogherini in Israel, Europe is pushing for the recognition of a Palestinian State as well. But times have changed, terrorism must be confronted, Israel is forced to be cautious. A Palestinian State obtained without a negotiation would put Hamas’ rockets in range of Ben Gurion airport, and of any Israeli citizen. The Islamization of the Palestinian war, which in these day expressed itself in a series of terrorist attacks carried out in the name of the Al Aqsa Mosque, portends a religious and aggressive Palestinian entity: Hamas is already part of ISIS’ and Al Qaeda’s world, its rise to power is having an impressive success, and allows it to dominate Fatah.

So, Abu Mazen sends his condolences to the family of the terrorist who ran over those people with a car, while Facebook is flooded with Fatah’s invitations to follow his example. But, for us, Fatah is the governing party of the State that we absolutely want right now…maybe just in order to pickaxe the Jewish State?


This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (November 09, 2014)


About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.