Avi Nofech
"democracy and free trade are the only way to peace"

United Democratic Nations

There were high hopes when the United Nations were founded after World War II. It was hoped the UN would bring nations together and help resolve conflicts peacefully.

Another hope was that with time most UN members will be democracies. But this did not materialize. Today more than half UN members are dictatorial regimes. This is why the United States always lose in UN votes and have no choice but to use the veto.

There is a solution to this: United Democratic Nations. Only governments that were elected in free and fair elections could be members at UDN.

Today the United Nations in New York City is the greatest collection of criminal dictators in the world. Let’s recall that Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot were UN members in good standing. Today Bashar Assad who drove several million Syrians out of Syria, and killed half a million, is a UN member in good standing. Also Putin, who likes to poison critics with polonium or drop them out of top floor windows, is a respected major UN founding member.

Once there are United Democratic Nations, the UN with its dictator criminals would have to go somewhere else. The key to this are Americans, will they be willing to stand up for freedom? Certainly there are many Americans for whom freedom is dear to their hearts.

About the Author
I went to graduate school at the Hebrew University and since then worked as a lecturer in Canada and in Israel.