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Unleashing Female Powers for Good

Women need to know that in their unity – they are capable of stabilizing everything. In particular, the women of Israel can guarantee a good future for the next generation by providing an example of unity.  The following is from a special lesson for women by Michael Laitman at our center in Petach Tikva, in honor of a new women’s newspaper being launched in Israel in the coming weeks. 

There is a law of reality that we must transition from a state of breakage, to unity. The more diverse the parts are, the greater the depth of Creation they attain when connecting to the eternal world, which we all belong to.  

Through our connection we attain the complete system. We begin to open up emotionally and see where we are, and how our consciousness expands accordingly. We begin to see straight through the system, all the forces surrounding our world, and how to manage the network of forces of this world. All this depends to what extent we are attracted to unity and connection.

We know that our entire world is an integral system, made up of nature’s layers: still, vegetative, animate and human. The entire universe is one system.  All parts of reality are together and there is no such thing as a part disappearing or disconnecting from the perfect whole. Except for one part – the human part. Humans were purposely created with an inclination to reject others, and not want to be connected.  We see how at every stage throughout our history, as the human ego grows, we grow further apart from one another.

Especially in Israel, we have a tendency to run away from each other. And it is precisely the human part of nature – and especially the Israeli part, which must connect before the rest of the world. Because as a result of this connection in Israel, all of nature connects. Then we reach a state of peace and calmness, and revelation of eternity. This is because the enhanced connection generates a general flow without divisions or cut ties. This is similar to how all the systems in a healthy body work correctly together.

Therefore everything depends on us. If we begin to connect, the light will flow to all the other parts through us, and the world will discover where we truly exist. That we are part of this tremendous, eternal, and infinite system. An integral, and round system.

`The love of Israel is rooted in every soul of israel, a heritage from Abraham, who is the root of Judaism, as our sages said, “Love your friend is the great rule of the Torah.” Machshavot Harutz, 19

‘Love your friend’ is a slogan for connecting. This is how the Torah expresses the general, integral law of nature. These connections exist instinctively in the other parts of nature; still, vegetative, and animate. The only reason we see defects in those parts is due to the highest level of nature, the human level, whose behavior is wiping out those natural connections. If we work on our connection we will see how all of nature will return to be in balance, and everything will work out.

Out of all of humanity, Israel especially must work on this, because we have the method of connection – the wisdom of Kabbalah. The time has come for people who understand the great power of connection, and how it can save the world,  to take the initiative.

The essence of the root of Arvut is extended from the reception of the Torah, when all of Israel were responsible for one another. And this is because at the root the souls of Israel all are considered as one, because they are extended from the source of unity. Likutei Halachot, Hilchot Arev

In the soul of the first man, which all created beings belong to, there are many levels of souls. The most difficult souls belong to Israel, as it is written,  “a stiff-necked nation”. If we manage to connect at the root of those souls, then as Baal HaSulam wrote in the book of Zohar, this connection radiates to all the nations of the world. And everyone will begin to connect instinctively, without even realizing how or why. This is how the system works.

Connection is our DNA

It is a shame to admit that one of the most precious merits we have lost during the exile, and the most important of them, is the loss of the awareness of the nationality, meaning that natural feeling that connects and sustains each and every nation. The threads of love that connect the nation, which are so natural and primitive in all the nations, have become degenerated and detached from our hearts, and they are gone.  Baal HaSulam. The Nation

3500 years ago in Babylon, we received the method of connection from Abraham. They came to him from all 70 nations of Babylon. During the crisis there, whoever wanted to listen came to him, and he connected them to one group, and called it the Nation of Israel. This is how we came to be connected, and strengthened our connection in our exile in Egypt, in the desert, and in building the First Temple.

Then we began to fall. There were wars and great problems within the nation. The ten tribes disappeared and haven’t been seen since. It is written that soon we will discover them. The same happened with the Second Temple. Each time we lost a part of the nation.

Most significantly, in our first exile we downgraded from the light of Chaya that filled the nation, to the light of Neshama. The same happened with the Second Temple, which completely disconnected us from spirituality. The nation is carrying on like normal, according to the instinctive forces that exist between us. In this state we don’t have the same connection that we had when the light held us together, and connected us.

Ever since the destruction of the Second Temple we lost all the light. There is a small illumination that holds us together to a certain extent. But nowadays what is really holding us together is not connection, but rather hatred. When the nations of the world hate us and apply pressure to us, this connects us together. Not our internal connection, but rather external hatred.

This is precisely where we must use the light that redeems us to return to that level of connection that held us together. In ancient times Abraham advertised that whoever wanted to learn about the reason for the crisis, and how to get out of the crisis, should come to him. So all the Babylonian nations came to him. Babylon was a great empire where all of humanity existed – all 70 nations.

The vitality is mainly through unity, by all the changes being included in the source of the unity. For this reason, “Love your friend as yourself” is the great rule of the Torah, to include in unity and peace. The vitality, sustenance, and correction of the whole of creation is mainly by people of differing views becoming included together in love, unity, and peace. Likutey Halachot [Assorted Rules], Blessings on Seeing and Personal Blessings, Rule No. 4

This is why we are so different. Because we are made up of the 70 nations of the world. The only thing connecting us is our spiritual root that we attained there. Yet according to our corporeal root, there is nothing really binding us together. Our connection has developed over these thousands of years, but does not stem from us coming from one nation – with its own mother and father like every nation was conceived by a certain family. But we were not.

So when we are not connected spiritually, we fall at the corporal level, and are not capable of being together. Except when we are pressured from outside. Then we somehow connect out of a lack of options. Like sheep with wolves circling them. When there is no external danger we barely notice each other – we see this right up until today.

One of our greatest virtues that we lost is “the awareness of our nationality”, as Baal HaSulam put it. Because in our case, being a nation is a spiritual virtue, and not corporeal as with other nations. Therefore, through strengthening our connection, we can bring back the feeling and true essence of our nation.  

(Additional sources read in the lesson)

I am glad that I have been born in such a generation when it is permitted to disclose the wisdom of truth … and this is what the Creator has given me to the fullest extent. We deem it as dependent not on the greatness of the sage, but on the state of the generation. Baal HaSulam. The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence

The generations are redeemed only by the merit of righteous women in the generation. Midrash Zuta, Ruth, 4:11

Listen, daughter, and see; lend your ear … for the door to everything is in you. I have given everything into your hands, to lead the world. Zohar for All, New Zohar, Hukat, 119

We must establish for ourselves special education through widespread circulation, to instill in each of us a sense of national love, both from one person to another, and from the individuals to the whole, to rediscover the national love that was instilled within us since the time we were on our land as a nation among the nations. This work precedes all others. Baal Hasulam. The Nation

It is written in The Zohar: “With this composition, the Children of Israel will be redeemed from exile.” Also, in many other places, only through the expansion of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the masses will we obtain complete redemption. They also said, “The Light in it reforms him.” They were intentionally meticulous about it, to show us that only the Light enclosed within it… in it lies the cure that reforms a person. Both the individual and the nation will not complete the aim for which they were created, except by attaining the internality of the Torah and its secrets. Baal Hasulam, Introduction to Panim Meirot uMasbirot, Item 5

Only when the Torah is exercised in Israel will complete peace and faithful love come, and the pure feeling of recognizing the brotherhood between people will develop… When that development is completed within us, at a degree that merits being a role model to many, all the nations will recognize it, and the blessing of peace will begin to dwell in the world. Rav Kook, Israel’s Vocation and Its Nationalism

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