Kanyi Ndewa

Unlike soccer, there are no penalties in war

After Israel hit the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the Tehran genocidal caliphate has been issuing tyranny of threats to Israel. Consequently, a cloud of tension hangs ominously over the skies of the Middle East as a result of the expected retaliatory action. The rest of the spectating world is in a state of suspended curiosity waiting to see the nature of Iran’s reaction.

Pundits have predicted two possible ways in which Iran may attack Israel. One is by a coordinated multiple attack through its usual ancillary terror organisations, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Houthis. Those who subscribe to this school of thought are of the view that, besides the tough talk, the mullahs lack the courage to conduct direct attack on Israel. They are aware that Israeli response would be fast, furious and devastating. And that Iran stands to lose more if it invites Jerusalem to a direct combat.

Therefore, the safer retaliatory tactic is to fire behind the curtains of its subsidiary military terrorism…That is covering crime under the Persian rug, literally. Targeting Israeli interests abroad is also on the cards.

Alternatively, Tehran may bite the bullet and launch ballistic missiles to Israel. This takes the view that the strike on the Iranian embassy is considered an assault on Iranian soil.

Whatever the case, there’s unanimity of opinion that Jerusalem commands a superior machine by far. Yet the balance would definitely tilt if Iran’s nuclear bomb was to see the light of day. However, as things stand now, Israel has both the opportunity and the prowess to disperse, destroy and discard the mullahs and their bomb project.

NOW, to Israel….why play this ping pong game with a regime whose openly stated reason for existence is to ensure your extinction? Why treat an existential war like soccer at the penalty stage when each team is accorded equal chances to score? According to my almost zero knowledge on military strategy, Israel should stop the business of exchanging threats and warnings with its genocidal enemies and do what it’s best known for, decisive pre-emptive operations. Take one determined flight to Tehran, set fire on that nuclear program and a few other stronghold resources of the tyrants, cripple the regime and pacify the Middle East. The world opinion will follow later and it will be in your favour…. because ACTION is what defines Israel..

War is won by the one equipped with superior weaponry and the best strategy. There’s nothing like giving the enemy a chance to respond.

Finally, the brotherhood telephone conversation between President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Ismail Haniyeh is more than just a condolence message. There’s a reason they flashed it out into the open.

About the Author
Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.