Bernard Bar Natan

Unreasonable I

I learned about fair-play, integrity and truth from my Jewish family, and being raised in the USA.

The ruling coalition, the so called government of Israel has a different set of rules and the truth is ignored, denied and labelled the lie.

Truth be told, it feels like: ••• ⁃⁃⁃ ••• SOS, Mayday, Mayday for me, like writing home and asking for Uncle Sam to come and lend a hand. It would have been almost understandable, if no less surprising if before leaving the USA, Israeli President Herzog decided to pull the covers over his head and ask for political asylum in his hotel room. FBI negotiators would have been sent in; President Herzog likes to negotiate. It might have been suggested to him that in his desire or even per his perceived mandate as master of ceremonies to appear neutral on the issues and remain the President of all, he is quickly becoming the President of none in a no longer viable country. To his credit, President Herzog did not prolong his stay in the USA, however he does need to think more about his body language. He will soon also need to decide what is merely a piece of paper and is to be treated as such.
It is reported that President Biden spoke with P.M. Netanyahu. Should the President somehow see this; thank you Mr. President for your understanding, efforts and good will towards the people of Israel.

Israel’s ‘Checks and Balances’ was and still is a work in progress. Netanyahu, for his personal reasons, his party subordinates and political partners for theirs are making every effort to invalidate this most basic concept and tool of legitimate, efficient governance. Rewriting it so that what is reasonable in the eyes of the law and who decides; is the sole prerogative of the ruling party/coalition, so called government. The ‘Checks and Balances’ in Israel today is that Netanyahu has grown numerous hands, each one holding the trachea of a coalition partner or in-party threat and all of them with their hands around his throat.

It is thoroughly unreasonable that so many Israeli politicians and public servants continue to act as co-conspirators, aiders and abettors. (It does not bode well for Israel’s immediate future after Netanyahu; one calamity at a time, you say).
It is thoroughly unreasonable that the ruling coalition, so-called government’s only interests and activities are self: perpetuation, indulgence and aggrandizement.
It is thoroughly unreasonable that there is a Jew in Israel (probably Jews), well-known in his area as an active party official of the P.M.’s ruling party, who full face for the evening news camera wished for another holocaust of the descendants of the survivors of the first one and literally spat in the face of us all, the dead and the living. He could/should be another catalyst that helps bring down Netanyahu. It would be justice.

It is thoroughly unreasonable that a convicted habitual offender is the minister in-charge of the Police. It is thoroughly unreasonable that a new law will be enacted to enable a former minister, also a convicted felon removed and barred from public service because of his conviction to once again be a minister. It is thoroughly unreasonable that the ruling coalition, so-called government supported a convicted felon, his case is still on appeal, as its candidate for the head of the Israel Bar Assoc. Lose that election, and then propose a law to abolish the parliamentary committee for the selection of judges because it lost the vote for the committee’s control.

It is thoroughly unreasonable that with the ruling coalition so-called government’s repeal of the current statute, supplanting its own version of ‘reasonableness’, and the judicial trampling is carried out, Israel’s international stature and judicial legitimacy are irreparably damaged. Israelis traveling abroad may no longer be protected from arrest and prosecution fostered by anti-Israel politically driven criminal charges stemming from their military service. The freedom of movement and activity for thousands of Israelis would be severely curtailed.

It is thoroughly unreasonable that after the judicial trampling, Israeli government officials will still be protected abroad because of diplomatic immunity. In their hubris the P.M. and his partners assume that diplomatic immunity is an automatic, self-bestowed right, and not a granted privilege that needs to be recognized and respected by both the holder and the international community. Israel is no longer in the family of free, democratic states, by its government’s own decisions and actions, against the will of its people. Not taken over by an external force, but taken over none the less, by reactionary totalitarian cowards, opportunists and conmen. Shameless, Godless people using “God and Country” as their weapon and shield.
The world must respond in-kind. Do away with freedom and democracy; say bye, bye to diplomatic immunity. Seems thoroughly reasonable to me, and will probably sound like a good idea to the Goyim.

Tragedies occur; but this man-made disaster is one for the books!? What began as a call for assistance is now; cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Netanyahu’s party faithful tout “power, respect (being feared), money” as the goals and benefits of ‘ruling’. 50 years ago, in a somewhat similar situation Deep Throat supplied the axiom that did the job then; “follow the money”. In the USA, as with other undesirables from rogue states, suspected international criminals or terrorist affiliates; every federal agency and state law enforcement organization even remotely interested and/or connected; FBI, CIA, NSA, SEC, IRS, NYPD, ETC… could now have a green light to question, investigate, seize holdings, impose sanctions on any and all, starting with Netanyahu and his family, and his Cabinet and their families. Likewise, Interpol, ICC, MI5, 6, 7, the Sûreté, Bundespolizei, ETC…
It is thoroughly unreasonable that one person has put himself above an entire/my nation and is trying his God Damned hardest to make our/my home into a wicked realization of Huxley’s insightful, prophetic and insulting parody that all animals are equal, and some animals are more equal.

Also for the books, the genuine love, unity and patriotism, desperation, opposition of the majority of Israeli citizens to what the hell is going on here is truly heartwarming and confidence inspiring that We Shall Overcome. The levels of mobilization, the caliber of the opposition to Netanyahu and his government are becoming exponentially more impressive day by day; at the lead, unsurpassed Professor Shikma Bressler. Standing head raised, flag in hand, in more ways than one, she reminds Lady Liberty on the 1920’s Silver Dollar. Thank you for all that you have done and are doing for Israel and its people. Now please, a question for the astrophysicist; if the universe is expanding, why haven’t Amsalem, Rotman, Levin, Smotrich, Regev and the other vacuum headed black holes already been sucked into outer space?

Netanyahu has surrounded himself with yes-men and women who only follow his lead, so far. Following or ‘standing behind someone’ also affords the best position for political backstabbing. Netanyahu is accountable for all this unreasonableness. Israel’s turmoil over the last years, the government fostered division and strife, the incredible waste of billions of shekels of public funds and resources are because one man is unreasonably proud and equally afraid to go to jail. He never heard the expression or did, but thinks it doesn’t apply to him: ‘If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’.

Now with a heart condition, he’ll plead that he really can’t do time, he’ll no doubt bring a note from the Dr. The thing is though, a little time on the inside for Netanyahu with the aid of La Familia-ians to make life comfortable and easy, away from it all, removing the stress could be the most therapeutically beneficial prescription for all, Netanyahu and Israel.

The response by Netanyahu and his subordinates to the nationwide and international pleas for a halt to the overthrow of the system and rule of law has been lies and spins alongside entrenchment and stonewalling. The way things are going for Netanyahu, his near total alienation from his own country and most of the rational, democratic countries of the world, he may soon also request political asylum from someplace, anyplace that will have him. Wherever it might be? Please let it be granted immediately! In the USA for example, there is a perfect safe-house for Sarah and him, with a 360° ocean view, secure as a fort, plenty of yard space and walls for Yair to play and draw pictures on; all needs provided A-Z. Zip code 94123.

About the Author
I was born in NYC in 1954 to a Holocaust Survivor family. I grew up Brooklyn, and was a Yeshivah boy and a member of Betar, I made aliyah on my own at the end of 1979 and have had many positions in IL Jewelry salesman, photographer, police officer, tour guide, and others... I established a medical start-up based on my own invention and made a successful exit. I'm married with 2 kids, a daughter and a son.