Bernard Bar Natan

Unreasonable II

Each one of the unreasonable truths cited in Unreasonable I, all the uncited, already known and yet to come to light examples of unreasonableness perpetrated by the ruling coalition, so called government deserves its own Gevalt. They’re all horrible, all documented, but this very personal example has that ‘slap in the face’ reality that forces my attention; showing again how people are led and misled and then, almost always go too far.

Nearly everyone almost always goes much too far and exaggerates; the stimulus and the result. Netanyahu and his Gang, there is no better word, with their years’ long vilification of the legal system, only to keep his can out of the can, have gone way too far already and will proceed in the same fashion, seeing no reason to stop, especially with God on their side. Whether he or his partners like it or not, until we all see in real time on CNN, the BBC and Israel TV a burning bush that is not consumed and God Willing we hear the latest News from the flame; all we have is the law we make for ourselves. Reforms and Amendments are integral to all law, societies evolve and change, laws made by people must keep a pace, if not lead. The motives and initiatives for change; honesty, integrity, and betterment for all have to be fostered and embraced. Netanyahu’s changes are to stay out of prison and retain control.

There is a Jew in Israel, his name is unimportant, but he is well-known in the Bet She’an area as an active party official of the P.M.’s ruling party, who full face for the evening news camera wished for another holocaust of the descendants of the survivors of the first one and literally spat in the face of us all, the dead and the living. Why? Because all the hundreds of thousands of people in opposition to the judicial reform are in his certainty; leftist, atheist, anarchist, Ashkenazi, Ptouw, vuz-vuzim opposed to King Bibi.

I am the son of a holocaust survivor family, raised in a Jewish home, was a yeshiva boy for many years and am a firm believer in something I don’t understand. I was a member of Betar – Brit Trumpeldor, heard of it? I don’t think an anarchist files tax returns in two countries, it doesn’t fit the profile. I do speak a very good Yiddish and I am opposed to the concept of kings, except for Elvis and Grace Kelly, and couldn’t be more opposed to your evil monarch if he were…

And you’re an embarrassment who could/should be another catalyst that helps bring down Netanyahu. It would be justice. You reap what you sow.

It seems some people still need to live under a king. First they anoint one, or ratify his self-anointment and then… Walla, the good old days, somebody in the family works for the king.

Getting back to Bet She’an, too bad, nice town, did years of miluim in the area, great archeology and unfortunately, apparently a lot of hate. The speaker learned his lines from the Likud party mantra and those at its head that: “they have always been against us”. Divide, manipulate and conquer and sell such an unreasonably big lie that only a king would be able to save you.

But now the king says: “Off with his Bet She’ani head, metaphorically; banishment from the party. It’s good PR, but the king only lies, he doesn’t so much want the head for what was said, but because the mouth spoke without permission in the first place. As an example to others, decapitation means no mouth could seem like a good idea to a desperate despot.

The speaker really screwed himself royally with his own big mouth. Civil, perhaps criminal court cases and law suits loom; with a near to no prospect for support, except perhaps from neo-Nazi groups? ‘Turning states’, blowing the whistle, singing like a canary or a peitan, as a first atonement would probably have some benefit for the nation, and looks good for you with the Judge at sentencing.

What is incredibly baffling and unreasonable is that not even one of his followers who at first glance, seem to be reasonable people learn from history, and don’t think about tomorrow’s response to their behavior of today, internally and externally. Today on the daily, personal, level; heavy medication and alcohol quiet the conscience and armed guards are stationed outside for the media show? Tomorrow, maybe even more guards, still paid by public funds, Acamol, Tropit and no show.

It’s a double edged sword for a despot, especially this desperate one that in order to feel superior and secure, he surrounds himself with primarily the base and cowardly. He feeds poisonous hatreds, and disseminates fear and racism as a vote-getting tactic. What goes around comes around. No one is immune or above accountability.
It’s that time of year, July, Av, it’s hot; social upheaval, revolt, destruction. Don’t Tread On Me revolutions for freedom against arbitrary totalitarianism;
Beautiful and really scary that it’s so on-point!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. (The Declaration of Independence)

No bread, no cake, throwing down prison and palace walls, people are more short-tempered when they are hot, hungry and oppressed into the corner, people lose their heads, a reign of terror, but then; Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The Ashkenazim, the king himself, but specifically the children of holocaust survivors even within the king’s court, the government, may be marked targets. Being the disappointing, pathetic musselman(s) his courtiers are, will only make it easier.

Minister Yisrael Katz, the child of holocaust survivors spoke up first when Poland acted like Poland and with an attitude due to his expert status reminded us that Polish antisemitism comes with Polish mothers’ milk. How does he know? What makes him an expert, his parents went through it and he heard stories? As a little boy, did he often run to stand by his mother’s bed woken by screams from her nightmares, to guard that she didn’t fall from the bed? I sincerely hope not for her sake. Everybody’s got stories. I never liked the label; 2nd generation. It diverts the attention, irrelevant in the matter. Neurotically vying with the survivors’ greatness, trying to garner empathy and some of their glory as victims of collateral damage is presumptuous, even insulting. We can tell the stories, not take the credit.

What does Katz know about non-political, non-theoretical, street level antisemitism? Did he ever have to chase away shkutzim from his synagogue holding a garbage can cover for protection against the bricks and bottles being thrown at the synagogue windows and then the guards? How many times was he jumped by usually 2-4, and have to fight and/or run so the yarmulke stays with you and your school bag contents aren’t stolen or strewn all over the street? He grew up on a farm in the middle of Israel, probably no streets and the synagogue was always safe. Until now, he never heard directed at him or his parents: Hitler should have finished the job.

From where is the know-it-all attitude? A high school trip with Hirschson? BA, MA in holocaust studies? When Shamir talked about lactose intolerance, he knew from whence he spoke, it wasn’t 2nd hand, 2nd generation attention seeking,
What made Katz speak up then; a scripted spin or forgetting his place? What stops him now from convening two meetings of the Likud in Bet She’an, one closed door, one for the evening news camera? And now, waiting for permission to speak? If and when Katz does, will he speak like a mensch or continue to prove himself the ‘grobbe ying’ he has always been and probably say: “I was only taking orders”.

Minister, Herr Avi Dichter, is a child of holocaust survivors, and the author and main proponent of the Aryan Nation-State Bill or the Nationality Bill. Besides insulting and alienating comrades in arms, showing fealty to the king and party, paying the required Rebbe Gelt to Forum Kohelet; what does an Israeli Fundamental Law specifying that the nature of the State of Israel is as the nation-state of the Jewish people do for the Jewish people? Duh? If for no other reason than the total opposition of the neighbors before and since1948 to a home for the Jewish people, they made it the nation-state of the Jewish people. You should know this, you were a soldier. What you apparently also forgot was perhaps the most obvious and policy establishing Israeli Fundamental Law on the subject, the Law of Return. You Jewish? Well, come on down!

What you couldn’t know is that my mother spent the last six years of her life in Jm., in a hospital for the chronically ill. It took about a year of bureaucracy between the Ministries of Interior, Health, and Kupat Holim, but because she was Jewish, and the Law of Return, she was given citizenship and from that point on, the Health Ministry paid 80% of the bill. She made Aliyah to her hospital bed in a Jewish country. Acceptance, compassion, and the awesome power that comes from integrity and justice prove sovereignty not another redundant, self-serving declaration that no one asked for and doesn’t say anything.

Herr Dichter, with your army, special ops, ShuShu background you’ve been to Bet She’an in the Jordan Valley numerous times no doubt it being relatively close both to northern Samaria on the one side, Jordan/Syria on the other; and in the middle, undenounced until now, the most vicious enemy, the Likud party branch in Bet She’an. Have you visited recently? If you go, be careful.

Any more new laws proposed for the Knesset? Kitbag question. How do you reconcile a Nation-State Bill with the rending of the people’s trust and unity? What good is the Bill, if you destroy the nation? A good soldier doesn’t ask questions, just follows orders.

Minister Yoav Gallant, is also the son of holocaust survivors, his father was a partisan there, and a soldier here. His mother Z’’L, and my aunt were shipmates on the Exodus, my aunt eventually made it to Kibbutz Dafna and her children and grandchildren are still there. His family history and name, somewhere in-between noble and courageous doesn’t leave much shpiel regarding what is expected. He was a decorated commander who would put first himself in harm’s way and then take the responsibility to do the same to others, gallantry; before his political career. Today are you being gallant, Gallant; in command of yourself or indecisive, morally and politically? Indecisiveness is not a good trait for anyone, especially someone in a military related position like defense minister.

A few months ago, you made a lot of noise and then agreed to be silenced. You were noisy again recently and were practically accused of mutiny, now and again threaten and retreat, but that’s about it, industrial quiet. It sounds and looks too much like: “Hold me back, hold me back”. Too bad and maybe to prove the point, not even a peeps from you regarding your party’s nationwide big lie campaign strategy; the wonderful fruits thereof seen in Bet She’an and likely prevalent in other places. After a day of work on your farm, all the dirt and sweat comes off in the shower; you feel clean and good. After a day in this Knesset, how do you feel? There isn’t enough soap and water in Israel to cleanse yourself? You have an open invitation to the mikve? Is it all a farce? Will you continue to tow the line, or do what you can to save the ship from the loose cannon(s) threatening to sink it? Only this captain needs to go down, he sabotaged the ship and punched holes in her hull, but she is still seaworthy. Only taking orders doesn’t wash for you. Regardless that you are appointed by this government, do the job you were trained for and devoted your life to; defend Israel and the Jewish people.

Comrade Commissar Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, European through and through, of all people, you’re someone who should know better. Born and raised into an evil, stupid political regime that played with the lives of millions, that treated you like a rag doll, and you rebelled.

Today, by your own choosing; a puppet, strings attached. Former Speaker, being an experienced parliamentarian; no indignation at your party’s and government’s policies and practices in the Knesset? Free thought and morality are shackled by enforced coalition discipline, coercion in another word, apparently reinforced further by personal oaths of allegiance? And Ben Gvir’s NKVD will be in place to make sure everyone feels safe. No revulsion with the manipulation, the vile propaganda, and the resulting shallow, bottom feeder, if not idiotic level of discussion within the Likud; Bet She’an is 120m below sea level.

In 1975, coinciding with the Brussels Conference on Soviet Jewry, and demonstrations in NY, London and Jerusalem, five Betarim, I was one, from NY, took over the Office of the Chief Doctor of the Soviet Union in Moscow and offered to exchange ourselves for an elderly doctor imprisoned because of his refusenik son. We were questioned in the Dr.’s office until the evening and then uniformed police escorted us out of the building. Our offer was not accepted, and the next morning In-tourist escorted us out of Russia.

Just prior to the trip, one guy backed out saying that if it got messy in Moscow, his holocaust survivor parents wouldn’t be able to take it and he also said he saw more police cars around, so we understood, you’re out. But the parents thing kept me up all night, I went to Moscow for myself, for my family, for Betar and ostensibly for you. Your turn…

You were refused the right to travel, to study and teach, to live freely; but you refused to be silent or stopped. After that, saying Nyet to them, and doing what you want to do should be like eating caviar and drinking vodka for you. Let Our People Go / PUSTI NASHI LYUDI IDUT POZHALUYSTA

MK Tali Gottlieb, I don’t really know anything about you except that you shout a lot, are confrontational by nature or design, and opposed the king in public; such a thing is likely not forgotten or forgiven. As you see now also with the constituency, and therefore Likud party and Knesset members as well, your name won’t do you a lot of good. You’re probably a marked woman at the next selectzia by many in the Likud, especially the other Ladies, but you know that. I don’t know if you have a light behind the eyes, it’s irrelevant, words and actions are what count. You can’t be enjoying your work! Morally and ethically, from the perspectives of public service, women’s rights, etc… etc… etc…Your boss and colleagues don’t like you, and because of them and your participation with and support of those that don’t like you, really a lot of people don’t like you; got it, make sense to you? Why are you not shouting?

Minister Bezalel Smotrich, but what about your Grenmeizer?

Reb Gafni, Reb Goldknopf, Asach Yeedin ich ochid, in land zennen zehr ahntoisht bye eich, mit asach tannes tsu der religiazer partayin und der kehila’s feeirung. Az Netanyahu is falsh, veist dem, vee azoi lang ehr bakumpt eiyer intershtizung; bist dee falsh ochid. Asach Yeedin gloiben az dost kalle gemacht der gazich fin der Yahadut und bist geno ve Hamas, kreighst batzoolt fin Netanyahu tsu zan cooperateave. Nor yetzt, nor doos: Du hoste danne shitfes! Ve schlecht de gloibst Lapid, Liberman, und alle apikorsim zennen; kein einziger fin zei vill eich zoogen; zolst brennen.

Many Jews, myself included, in the country are very disappointed by you, with many complaints to the religious parties and the community’s leadership. That Netanyahu is a liar, you know; as long as he receives your support; you’re liars as well. Many Jews believe that you spoiled the expression of Judaism and are just like Hamas, paid by Netanyahu for your cooperation.

But for now, just this; here are your partners! As bad as you believe that Lapid, Liberman and all the Epicureans are, not one of them will say to you; you should burn.

The idiot Likudnik went too far, Netanyahu no longer seems to know or care about boundaries, and you go much too far in your support of him and your demands.
Aguda, Degel Hatorah, Lithuania Sect, Jerusalem Sect, Shas, and the new Golems; Religious Zionism, Otzma, Noam; no more Yahadut, only Askanut.
Perhaps whisper to the Askanim, in accordance with the Sages’ instructions, to choose new, friendlier partners.

Just as Netanyahu’s only thought is absolutely nothing matters except not to go to jail; so must be his removal from Office, nothing else matters. There are hundreds if not thousands of justifications; past, present and future for a No Confidence, or putsch.

It can be called Operation Striped Pajamas; those involved will become the Striped Pajama Party.

Unreasonable is actually unacceptable.

About the Author
I was born in NYC in 1954 to a Holocaust Survivor family. I grew up Brooklyn, and was a Yeshivah boy and a member of Betar, I made aliyah on my own at the end of 1979 and have had many positions in IL Jewelry salesman, photographer, police officer, tour guide, and others... I established a medical start-up based on my own invention and made a successful exit. I'm married with 2 kids, a daughter and a son.