Michael Bloomfield

UNRWA and the Underworld

A passage from the Mishneh Torah cited in The Wisdom of Maimonides by Edward Hoffman (2008) reads, “a judge should ever regard himself as if a sword were placed upon his neck, with Gehenna (the Underworld) gaping under him.”

In these fraught days following Hamas’ brutal attack on innocent civilians much of the world has harshly judged Israel, spreading lies that led to the reprehensible lynching attempt by the International Court of Justice.  The rights, dignity and integrity of the Jewish people have been attacked by a relentless campaign of bullying, slander and delegitimization (BDS).

BDS is occurring in media, academia, social media and on our streets. While it has been led by anti-democratic countries such as South Africa, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia it has been tolerated and often supported by western Nations lacking the courage and moral integrity to end this hateful farce and demand that the Palestinians and other Arabs finally commit to peace.

Spain, Belgium, and others in the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US preach and posture and pressure Israel to take chances for peace perhaps as a way to assuage guilt for their past crimes against Indigenous people and their long reign of terror against Jews and other minorities that eventually led to the Holocaust.  The Arab countries are outraged whenever their history of conquest, forced conversion, and slavery is raised. The UN is so biased it long ago quit caring about its obsession with Israel.

And yet, the truth does come out. These self-appointed judges of Israel and the Jewish people increasingly find themselves hanging over the underworld, both the system of terror tunnels where their aid money has been wasted rather than being spent on building a peaceful, prosperous Palestinian society and the world of judgement of the own behaviour.

Through UNRWA the world has aided the Palestinians like no other people, their own agency, the highest level of aid and for multiple generations with little progress to show for it.  UNRWA continues to be a cynical tool using the refugee issue to perpetuate the campaign to wipe out Israel in pursuit of the false dream of the right of return after the Jews are eliminated.  Arab countries have kept their Palestinian brethren in squalid conditions, denying them basic rights while Israel took in a larger number of Jews forced out of the Arab countries where they had lived before Islam.

I commend to you a clear eyed review of the central role of UNRWA in perpetuating the conflict by esteemed Canadian journalist Terry Glavin found here





About the Author
Michael Bloomfield's education is in animal science, veterinary science and wildlife biology. His principle organizational ties are Harmony Foundation of Canada where he is the Founder and Executive Director of Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights. He works informally with Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs on much of his advocacy work. Governing Council Global 500 Forum, United Nations Environmental Programme.