Kirill Solod
The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies

‘Unyielding supporter of Israel’

In the 20-minute interview with the BBC, US President Joe Biden devoted three minutes of his attention to Israel, which is almost 15% of the total time of the conversation. In addition, the President of the United States called himself “unyielding supporter of Israel. The main topic of Joe Biden’s attention was the Entry of Ukraine to NATO. The second most mentioned topic was Israel. During these three minutes, Israel was mentioned within three subjects.

President Joe Biden suggested that the US could offer an Israel-model security framework for Ukraine until the country joins NATO. This means providing weaponry and extending all the necessary security support. Of course, Israel is a kind of dream model of State development for Ukraine. On the topic of unique relations with the United States; on the topic of building a nation-based State; state development in the context of hostilities along the borders.

The second topic was related to the normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which is still ‘long way’.

Joe Biden spent most of his time criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition, with “the most extreme members I’ve seen”; the “legal reform” that the ruling coalition led by Netanyahu is pushing with all its might and the Palestinian issue and the two-state solution.

The close attention to Israel by the US president suggests that Israel occupies an important place in world politics. This is especially important and responsible, given the fact that, according to Joe Biden, “the world is in an inflection point”. Since the events taking place in Israel and their outcome affect not only Israel itself, but also influence a number of world events, Israel should be more prudent and responsible in resolving political issues, including the internal ones.

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Political advisor. Research analyst. Government Relations, International Affairs, Political Sociology. Head of The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies and managing partner of the Institute of Political Consulting LS GROUP. Former consultant to M. Gorbachev on public relations. Former head of NGOs in Russia. MBA, Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, 2010). Repatriated to Israel in 2017.