Urgent Tehillim Request For Rav Yitzhak Eliezer Gradnavich From Rechovot


My son Dovid Pinchas has been fortunate to have found a very special Rav who took him under his wings many years ago and allowed Dovi to advance to a very high level with his learning abilities. Rav Yitzhak has been suffering with a terrible sickness for many months which has now reached his liver. And he urgently needs our prayers.

Rav Gradnavich has been away on sick leave from his Yeshiva named Chochma v Daat in Rechovot where he serves as Rosh Yeshiva. He requested that Dovi substitute for him and give certain Shiurim and D’var Torahs in his place, that he normally gives at the Yeshiva to all the students. And considering that I was unable to help Dovi due to my limited ability to understand the Gemorah at such a high and deep level, it is amazing that Dovi has received such a big honor from the Rosh Yeshiva.

The credit goes to Rav Gradnavich for the special care and effort he has made to look after Dovi. I remember traveling to Rechovot to meet the Rav so that he could meet us before allowing Dovi to be admitted to the Yeshiva. I was very impressed with the care and kindness that the Rav showed during our first meeting and to this day my respect for the Rav continues to grow.

Therefore, I am asking a simple favor from all readers to join me and my family saying Tehillim for this great Rabbi.

To make it easier for you we have set up a special tehillim group devoted solely for the speedy and complete recovery of Rav Yitzhak Eliezer Ben Chana.

You may join this site by clicking here –

May Rav Gradnavich have a speedy and complete recovery from his illness very soon.

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