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Using a drone to fish for Shabbat family dinner in Jaffa

Catching Shabbat dinner using a drone! That's one way to reel in the big one!

Drones can clean plastic from the sea. Turns out they can do so much more: When you want to catch the Big One and don’t have a boat, what do you do? Use your drone. We ran into this man Avram “casting” his line out 400 yards (350 meters) at the Sea Port of Jaffa, in Tel Aviv.  Watch drone fishing VIDEO HERE

Low impact fishing using a drone Local men love to fish but most can’t afford to own a boat. Before work or after they jump down to the sea and cast out there line. But fishing in shallow waters will own bring you home teeny tiny fish called ‘barbunia’ or red mullet and they are really an acquired taste.  But Avram here who we caught on film uses a very clever approach. He has rigged out his drone with a catch and release apparatus. He ties the baited line of his rod to the drone and then steers his drone out 400 yards, deep enough to where the fishing boats can go. He drops the line and brings the drone back to home base. He turns the drone off and then tightens the line manually, and waits. It can take  1 or 2 hours until he catches the big one. And it is worth the wait, he tells me.

Reeling in the drone

“I catch all kinds of fish,” he says. “Grouper, and even red snapper. I caught a 2.5 red snapper last Friday and we ate it at our Shabbat dinner.” This is out of the box thinking and definitely an innovative Israeli approach to fishing. Using hightech for low-tech ideas and pleasures.

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