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Using US high-profile Jewish sexual villains to promote anti-Semitism?

Twenty years ago, At the time, Monica Lewinski‘s being Jewish was never technically mentioned during the proceedings, but recently it was pointed out that she was made out to be the embodiment of one of the oldest anti-Semitic canards: that of the Jewish woman as temptress.

And indeed, Wikipedia calls this (sexism!) the Lewinsky scandal, not the Clinton disgrace. But not only is the man innocent and cute, one feels an  implicit anger from the classical-Christian double-faced attitude, that openly condemns sex as devilish but secretly celebrates it as divine.

And then we now have Harvey Weinstein.

Of course, the obligate bare Jew-hating and Nazi sites love this.

Yet, in general, Gentiles have behaved very well on this. In the general press, mainly Jews have referred to Weinstein as Jewish.

Still, would it be OK if the powerful FOX news outlet would mention his Jewishness together with other characteristics, like in: that he’s an embarrassment — for Jews, for men, for Democrats, for Hollywood, for humankind? I think that is a clever try, but does it work? Yes, it’s an embarrassment for Hollywood and men, but what does this have to do with him being a Jew, Democrat of human? The author actually says in this short article that “Harvey Weinstein’s mug is literally the poster face of every anti-Semite’s favorite Jew.  Fat, ugly, and unkempt. Not to mention greed, narcissism and gross over-indulgence written all over it.” That’s not as impartial as it may sound. This kind of Jewish self-hatred ignores that he’s also seen in many clips embracing people non-sexually, smiling and laughing – not at all stereotypes of Jews. And greed was not “written all over him;” he actually, as many Jews pretty charitable. The author of this highly problematic piece is actually is Jewish herself, what was immaterial until she started stereotyping another Jew unfavorably. I’ve commented before (and I’m not the only one to think so) how publications and leaders hostile to Jews profit from quotes by self-hating Jews blaming or labeling Jews negatively, giving this Jew hatred a sort-of kosher touch (pardon the pun).

Yes, it’s rather some Jewish outlets that bring up his Jewishness in a negative way. And not in a way of distancing themselves from a fellow Jew, but rather by typifying him as Jew. Pretty (not so pretty, actually) anti-Semitic, if you ask me. Surely, Tablet issued an apology, but strangely it did not remove this garbage it expressed regret about. I’m not the first one to call them out about this, by far.

Also the respectable Jewish Telegraph Agency in 2013 claimed that all national politicians who turned out sexual predators are Jewish. Hatred for Jews, also from Jews, doesn’t disappear quickly, so it’s not surprising that it still is unashamed to accuse (Orthodox) Jewish men in general.

Woody Allen in a BBC interview also failed by calling the reports “sad for all involved.” Technically he might be right but he’s equating victims and perpetrator! His later “clarification” does not help a lot. He now asserted that the villain is a sick sad man. With excuses to the sic, I would say. No he’s not sick – he chose to enjoy overpowering others. Also his remark that “There’s no winners” in this scandal is wrong. That this broke into the open is great progress. His fear that there should not be “a witch hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself” is off the mark. I once heard this argument by a later proven sex offender. The truth is that most men are fine and never get accused. I’m not the only one who gets a creepy feeling when I read his statements.

Not only is this filth coming out a positive thing, it also makes it safer and more urgent for victims and bystanders in other places to come forward with accusations, like in his family, and in the closely related fashion world.

A Hollywood actress recounts her life there from a small age and how lucky she was not to be considered a top model. She suggests that to stay under men’s radar might help, but promptly get attacked on that (rebuttal). She writes very well how the Hollywood mono-focus on what is skin-deep in women is very problematic to begin with. And clearly, that is not restricted to the movie industry. All of it needs to be fought.

It was a public secret forever that sexual predators (against either sex) were ruling the roost in Hollywood. However, here we can’t say that Weinstein takes the fall for everyone, is singled out, is the top of an iceberg of abuse, since he’s one of the top guys in the US film industry.

Rather, it’s better to hold that he’s one of the worst, but that the whole spectrum must be dealt with, from unwanted staring and touch through sexual violence and abuse, misconduct and rape to mass predatory acts, pimping and sexual slavery, women trafficking, torturing and murder.

As I mentioned above, there are no openly anti-Jewish references about this in the Gentile press. Still, their “Jewish” names imply that Jews are in the news. That means that every time it doesn’t say “this abuse has nothing to do with Jewish background” anti-Semitism might be fortified.

(Surprisingly, it seemed that the biggest fraud ever caught, Madoff, was hardly depicted as a Jew in the general media – surprisingly because one of the main stereotypes of Jews is that they are dishonest and money grabbers – a blood libel with long roots. Or was he so obviously Jewish that it went without saying?)

Accusations of sexual violence against “attractive” boys in Hollywood are allegedly not rare either, at times, specifically by Jewish predators. One male masseuse accused Grease star John Travolta’s of sexual assault. He added that the star then told him that he owed his A-list position due to sexual favors he had performed early on in his career, and that “Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect [their] favors [to be] in return for sexual activity.” It isn’t yet clear if that ethnic detail in the accusation is the result of Jewish bad men, of Hollywood having such a Jewish origin or of the whole thing totally being made up.

Further, does (unaware, subtle) anti-Semitism help the press and social media promoting these bad stories? If so, I wouldn’t know how to tell.

But what if being Jewish would be part of the story? One can’t be called biased for saying that Roman Catholic Church clergy has a sex problem. What if Jews have that too? Well, in a way we do. Insensitivity can be pretty abusive. For the rest, it seems that Jew don’t have a sex problem, except when it comes to leaders (rabbis included). But this we also see in Gentile and secular circles. So, rather than pointing at Jews, suspect big-ego powerful people. As Bill Clinton admitted: I did it because I could.

Do all high-profile sex offender stories give a bigoted backslash? When the perpetrator is a Black USer, it doesn’t seem to. When he’s Gay, not necessarily. When it’s a woman, not so. When s/he’s a pedophile it has, on Gays (as if they all would be child molesters) and on Pedophiles (not all pedophiles molest or use child pornography).

What to do with Men?

Besides Nazis and Jews, no one seems to care much that he’s Jewish. For most people, the problem – rightly so – is with the men, not the Jews.

Which brings me to: Women are not a minority. They are not powerless either – except from believing they are. They can turn the world around, end sexism. But it’s a mistake to stay passive; it’s a mistake to do it all yourself. They are busy enough as they are, so besides stopping the worst abusers, they should turn all the regular men they meet into proper allies to women – and let them do the bulk of ending sexism. They will especially teach men who know already what is oppression: Black men, homosexual men, “ugly” men, handicapped men, etc. (But to succeed, heterosexual women: became staunch allies to GLBTQI!)

And there is a lot of opportunity for women to protest rape culture (without blaming women for its existence). Mainly men, educated by women and then each other, to be proper allies to women – should parent sons to grow up and come out as non-sexist allies of women.

NB: Sexism – the thing to eradicate – is bigger than sexual abuse (from objectifying women through rape to slavery). It is also: not respecting a woman’s view and thinking, seeing them as weak and second class, waiting to be served by them in return for some token money.

As a men I can say: more men than women should confront sexism, since we were raised and conditioned to be its agents. This is the trend of the future. Were the past 50 years about joining one’s liberation movement about us being oppressed, the next 50 years should focus on and find power in joining all ally groups about them needing liberation.

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