Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Vanquishing evil

There are reports that Hamas will agree to release hostages only if there is a permanent ceasefire, whereas Israel will only agree to a temporary ceasefire.

In other words, Israel wants to destroy Hamas, and Hamas doesn’t want to be destroyed.

After Hamas revealed its hand on October 7, their evil intentions became clear, and Israelis realized the need to destroy them.

Much of the world doesn’t yet see the danger that Hamas poses to all nations. But the time will come when they will recognize and appreciate, that Israel is saving the world by wiping mankind’s enemy off the face of the earth.

The elimination of Hamas brings to mind the Torah’s command to wipe out Amalek. The Torah tells us that when Amalek is blotted out, then G-d’s throne and Name will be complete.

Hamas is waging war against G-d. With His help, Israel will be victorious.

We seem to be very close to the complete Redemption with Moshiach, a time when the world will recognize and accept G-d as King. It will be a time when wild beasts and gentle creatures will live peacefully side by side. When the entire world will be peaceful. When no nation will lift a sword against another, and nations will no longer study warfare. “For the world will be filled with awareness of G-d, just as the waters cover the sea.”

May it happen very soon.

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