Video: 6 Presidential Conference highlights in 6 minutes

I attended one day of this year’s Israeli Presidential Conference, on June 20, 2013. So much happens during that day. Makes sense, considering there are around 170 speakers and 5,500 attendees.

So I made a list of the six most interesting or inspiring thoughts I heard from different speakers. In short they are:

  1. Prof. Dan Ariely (behavioural economics) – In order to be a unique thinkier, be a bit of an outside spectator in life.
  2. Ariely – In online dating, as we get to know people more, we like them less.
  3. Ariely – We can’t know from dating profiles if we’re going to enjoy a person’s company. (Yeah, I ate up the info regarding online dating because I happen to think and write a lot about that topic on my dating blog.)
  4. Prof. Daniel Kahneman (psychology) – We reeeally fear betrayal.
  5. Kahneman – We view our own bad behaviour less harshly than other’s.
  6. Prof. Ruth Gavison – Every legal system changes over the years, even ones of a divine source.

Get more detail about these six points (and two wonderful bonuses) in this video I made for you, “Six highlights in under six minutes”:

Also, at the closed bloggers’ meeting with Professor Dan Ariely, I had the exciting opportunity to ask Ariely, an acclaimed behavioural economist and author, a question. He was in a terrible accident as a young adult and spent two years in a hospital. I asked him how he thinks that experience contributed to his ability to be a unique thinker. Here is the full question and Ariely’s 3-part reply:

About the Author
Deena is a new mother, a project manager and a writer living in Jaffa.