Video Art — The Rebbe

REBBE13WEBAnticipating Yod-Alef Nissan

Memories of a Farbrengen
A video art interpretation of a festive gathering of the renowned Chabad-Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn, with his chassidic followers.

The supernal special effects and evocative narrative track attempt to render the vast excitement and spiritual energy that was generated during this typical gathering, called Farbrengen, that occurred over twenty five years ago.

In three parts:
Part One describes the relation of chassid to the Rebbe
and the efficacy of Blessing.

Part Two presents a short “timely” discourse by the Rebbe relating to the dangers of atomic war.

Part Three concludes with a finale of chassidic songs
with the Rebbe’s active participation.

Portraits of the Rebbe by my deceased wife, Yael Avi-Yonah OBM

About the Author
Dov Lederberg is engaged in the converging vectors of art and science, but receives added inspiration from Kabbalah teachings & meditation and tries to create visual forms (in paintings on canvas but also video art) conducive to mystical experience and self-transformation. 
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