Video: Future French MP fights the “Nakba” in Jaffa !

Jonathan-Simon Sellem, candidate for the election of the deputies of the French abroad (8th district), was the first to denounce the non-respect of the minute of silence at the Lycée of the French Consulate in Jerusalem. He was the first to denounce the Nazi salutes made by some students in the playground.

Tuesday, May 14, at an election rally in Ashdod (see video in French), he said, following a question from a voter, that “Israelis must stop putting their head down. They should be proud of what they are. They need to understand that whether they accept the claims and demands of other countries or not, they will most often be hated. ”

While some candidates improvise themselves as “Zionists” during the time of an election, Jonathan-Simon Sellem has shown for years that he is implementing his ideas. Without hatred or violence.

On May 15, around the world, anti-Israelis participated in the “Day of the Nakba”. The remembrance’s day of the “catastrophe”, the “establishment of Israel”. The remembrance’s day of one of the largest Arab military beatings, the defeat of the Arab nations united against the fledgling state of Israel.

That day, the pro-Palestinians went down the streets and demonstrated, with Palestinian flags at the hand. In Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, they even hung Palestinian flags on the lampposts.

“When I saw this, I was shocked. Shocked because I live in Jaffa, Israel, and not in Jaffa in the disputed territories! They demonstrate with flags at the hand, and they have the right to do so. I don’t like it, but it must be accepted in a democratic system like Israel’s. But when they hang flags, as if it was officially a Palestinian town, I’m shocked”, said Jonathan-Simon Sellem.

At the wheel of his car, he stops in the middle of a roundabout decorated with flags, gets out of his car and climbs up on the lamp. Then he removed the flags before putting them in the trash.

“What do you think”, he launched at a crowd of sixty demonstrators, mostly Arab Israelis. “Here we are in Israel. This is the land of Israel”, he added.

Immediately, the police asked him for his papers. “They pushed away the first two or three people who approached, looking particularly unhappy. Then they told me that if I wanted to counter-protest, I could, but I had to park the car on a normal place without obstructing the traffic in the middle of a roundabout”.

“I think the protesters were stunned. They did not expect that someone will dare to do that, in Jaffa, a city with a large number of Arabs”, says Jonathan-Simon Sellem. “One of them followed me in his car and at the first stop, began to talk to me.”

“You know, my parents lived here before you were born”, he said to me. I simply replied that my ancestors have lived here for at least 2000 years and if he wants to talk about history, I’d be happy to remind him a few truths. He simply said “he who laughs last laughs longest” and when he sped, I said “I’m not kidding. History is not a joke!” relates Jonathan-Simon Sellem.

For JSSNews, he adds: “Israel is a Jewish and democratic state, which accepts all religions, all beliefs. Until they don’t vomit their hatred of Israel, I have nothing to say. But how could I accept these flags on lampposts in my city? When I saw it, I wanted to call the police but I realized it was already there and it did nothing. So I took the lead. The State is being humiliated? The government is us, it exists only by us and for us, and let us not be humiliated. Israel must not become like France which, at the election of François Hollande, showed her joy with flags of Arab countries. Israel must not become like France whistling the Marseillaise at the Stade de France”, I will not let him.

About the Author
Jonathan-Simon Sellem was elected (in 2014) Representative of the French people living in Israel and is currently journalist. Former newscaster who made alyah in 2006 as war reporter during the 2nd Lebanon War, he is now the editor-in-chief of the main Israeli-French speaking media outlet, JSSNews.