Visiting the Heart of the Holy Land

FullSizeRender (1)WOW – What a weekend! We had the unique opportunity to travel to Jerusalem this past weekend and experience some of the beauty and life that it has to offer. We visited the Western Wall and went on a tour of the underground tunnels there, had an opportunity to visit the haunting Yad Vashem holocaust memorial museum as well as the soldier cemetery at Mt. Herzl, experience the bustling Machane Yehuda Market, some of the night life in Jerusalem, and visit the great synagogue.

So many things packed into three short days! This being my second time in Jerusalem, it was nice to see things through a different set of eyes, so to speak. My favourite experience was our visit to Yad Vashem. Although not a happy experience, I am always eager to learn more about the history of my people and their fight for freedom from persecution. For me the most difficult part of the Yad Vashem tour is the children’s memorial – it breaks my heart to hear the names of children who died in the holocaust, being called out into a darkened room.

The architecture of Jerusalem is incredible and nowhere else in the world have I seen such a unique city-scape filled with so much rich history and culture.

About the Author
My name is Jaime, and I am setting out on my first real adventure into the world. I am headed 9500km away to Israel to take part in a five-month intensive martial arts and fitness program! I have never really had much experience in martial arts, so this should prove to be, if nothing more, a really awesome and unique experience. After the program commences, I plan to stay and explore Israel and surrounding countries. Follow me along on my journey!