Visiting the MadaTech Museum

Located in Haifa: Israel, an exciting place of historic invention, education and innovation. With an outside display of works from two extremely influential characters Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimedes.

me and Archemedis

The layout of the museum itself is quite different to the usual – It starts with an outside interactive park, before entering inside to further the learning in the fields of Renewable resources (an AEPi funded exhibition), Sound waves, engineering and more.


After two hours we make our way to the 4d cinema. Since I was with my Grandfather I believe this was his favoritesection. 3d TV, moving chairs, bubble machines, air blowers, and strong use of surround sound we were encapsulated in the history of the Space time continuum.

This is currently still only half of the Museum, it focuseson younger audiences and families as the other section is reserved for those more interested in the future, innovation and modern day technologies.

The Fab Lab. I had requested to meet the manager of the laboratory due to my personal keen interest in technology and he kindly offered to show me around the labs.

Fab Lab - Mada tech

A creative space riddled with ‘toys’ and prototypes. In the first section you witness a display of all the items made through 3d Printing! To the right a section dedicated to woodworks and laser cutting accomplishments. Being introduced to several people working on different projects, one of which was a system of cutting wood planks in a way that they can connect in different forms and be taken apart and put back together again however holding with as much strength as any other structure – reasons for use; stages, cabinets, chairs, platforms, scaffolding replacement and more.

I was then escorted to the 3d printing area of the laboratory. It is one of the few places in the world that hold 3d printing software training and engineering as well as the ability to print your own work and prototype. This was done using an open source software Tinkerplay.

3d printers lab

Furthermore meeting ahumanoid robotics company from Ukraine, Students, professionals and amazing people doing classes for the first time.

Certainly a recommendable experience for the family, with friends, if you enjoy technology or if you wish to enhance your knowledge, skills and practice in technology and modern engineering techniques.

Even in the gift shop you can create a 3d model of yourself! I hope you enjoyed my experience and the next time you visit Israel decide to stop off by the MadaTech Museum.

Magen David

About the Author
Ben Woolf, graduate of Leeds in Business and management working as International Director of Kahal-abroad to which he works developing international operations and partnerships.