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Viva la Termite!!

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My, oh my, how could we possibly breathe the insidiously toxic air poisoning us by the belching pollution emanating from the dirty coal-fired power plants in India and China, or those giant gas-guzzling SUV’s those selfish Americans are driving, blowing a hole in the ozone layer, killing us slowly, inevitably, like those poor polar bears marooned on an ice flow, slowing melting away in warming water?

That is a load of crap compared to the unending stream of vitriol and outright hatred for Jews that continually blows from the mouth of this loathsome creature like a geyser at Yellowstone who is accorded general respect from the African American community and is rarely criticized by the American media.

He was recently seated on the dais at the funeral of legendary singer Aretha Franklin with legendary co-anti-Semite (Rev.) Al Sharpton, racial apologist Rev. Jesse Jackson, and sexual predator President Bill Clinton. What a Murderer’s Row, rhetorically speaking.

Why wouldn’t someone – anyone – have informed good ‘ol Billy Bob that it probably wasn’t good optics to be seen on the same stage with the Jew-hatin’ Caribbean Louis? Probably because, “At this point, what difference would it make?”

Yeah, that’s probably, true. Bill Clinton can literally do or say anything he wants (which is clearly true with his wife as well), and the press takes no notice whatsoever.

But what really makes the repugnant Louis X or Louis Walcott or whatever he calls himself this week newsworthy is not his latest comparison of Jews to termites or the hugs that are squeezed upon him by the Congressional Black Caucus or, like Judas, the denials that Barack Obama falsely swore regarding his relationship with the “Minister”, but the rodent-like response from the new champion of free speech, Twitter, that not only refused to ban the Minister for “hate speech”, but would not even impose a suspension of any sort.

Conservative voices be damned. Banned. Anti-termite voices? No prob, dude.

One cannot be an open voice for free speech and an arbiter of “hate speech” simultaneously. That is not the free market. That is an appropriate time for government intervention. No one died and left Jack Dorsey in charge. He uses open bandwidth for private commerce, and when he abuses that privilege by controlling speech, he warrants regulation.

I am an advocate of limited government in private enterprise, but Jack Dorsey has established the parameters of what he deems “acceptable” and what he deems “unacceptable”. His judgment does not supplant the First Amendment when his business employs open bandwidth to consumers upon which he sells advertising and upon which the market values his company at $21 billion. His personal net worth is estimated to be over $5 billion on this basis.

He has no business if the public has no faith in the quality of his free speech assessments. I don’t equate Jack Dorsey to Caribbean Louis, but it is undeniable that Silicon Valley Jack essentially provides legitimacy and cover to the Minister by not condemning him with the same rod that in His Wisdom he cast upon Alex Jones. What, after all, separates their extremism? Is one somehow more dangerous qualitatively than the other? How Does Wise Jack make such a determination? Who bestowed such power upon Him?

As far as I’m concerned, his counsel is about as good as the one ‘ol Bill got when he got up on the dais at Aretha’s funeral. He may be worth $5 billion, but he’s as dumb as a friggin’ hockey puck because he’s about to get his ass regulated.

All thanks to that genius right up in that picture right up there. Up at the top. In case you didn’t notice him. Man, I love that photo.

Louie, I hope you’ve paid up your monthly Terminix bill!

You know those creepy TV commercials where the Terminix guy sees all those flying creatures coming out of the trees and he’s got to jump over fences and stuff because they’re headed to infest his customer’s house, and the people in the house are defenseless unless the Terminix guy can somehow figure out a way to stop this massive Ten Plagues-like attack that’s coming down on this dude’s house, but there’s only one Terminix guy to stop them all, and they just freakin’ consume the guy, right there on the front porch, and the family can’t believe what they’ve just seen, the termites just eating that dude alive, and they run inside and lock the door, but, damn, you just know how it’s all going to end.

It’s like that look on your face.

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