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Viva México?

Today, the International Court of Justice published a statement stating that Mexico is requesting to “intervene, in order to provide its view on the potential construction of the content of the provisions of the Convention relevant to this case” (ICJ’s “X” account)- What stands behind this decision and what is so twisted about it?

Mexico will hold its most important election round in 6 years this Sunday, June 2nd. In it, a new president will be elected, together with many state governors, both chambers of Congress, and many municipal Congresses and leaders. Today, it is evident that the presidential candidate with the most chances to win is Claudia Sheinbaum, the candidate of the current ruling party.

Lopez Obrador, the current president, who is set to leave office in October, and his ruling coalition, have largely failed to condemn Hamas’ terrorism on October 7th, besides some lax documents released by the Foreign Ministry.

Even though his appointed candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum is presented as the winner in most polls, a couple of polling houses have positioned Xochitl Gálvez, the candidate of a coalition of opposition parties, above her. Even if this is not decisive evidence of a possible victory for Gálvez, it has caused López Obrador and his party a feeling of panic. Not necessarily because of the presidential bid, but because many other public charges are being contested, and they might lose significant power over the state.

And thus, the decision to suddenly get implicated in conflicts on the other side of the globe. Just as South Africa’s ANC is frightened of not getting a majority in Congress for the first time since the dismantlement of the Apartheid regime in the 90s in their upcoming elections this week, Mexico’s Morena (the current ruling party) has very similar feelings. Just as these feelings led South Africa to start the case against Israel in the ICJ, it is leading Mexico on a similar path. They are both using external conflicts for inner political gain.

On the ICJ’s original Twit (X), I saw a reply stating something like this “And what about the over 100,000 missing people in Mexico?” Indeed, WHAT ABOUT THE 100,000 MISSING PEOPLE IN MEXICO? The current administration has the country sunk in violence and insecurity, with over 35,000 homicides in 2023 and around 30% of the country being governed by Criminal Organizations. It gifted the country to Organized Crime, and it dares to accuse Israel of genocide in an international court.

Lopéz Obrador’s administration’s security negligence has led to many more deaths than the current war in Gaza. While the war in Gaza is a fight against a criminal organization for its citizen’s safety, Obrador’s administration has been accused of links with criminal organizations. Joining South Africa’s accusation is just cynicism. As both Mexican and Israeli, I feel outraged by this decision.

And on top of that, they dared to take this decision just a couple of days after Orion Hernandez’s body was recovered from Gaza. Orion was a Mexican-French citizen, who was murdered and his body kidnapped on October 7th on the Nova Fest Massacre. His body is being flown to Mexico for his burial thanks to a joint effort between the Israeli and the Mexican government.

Orion’s picture at the Nova Fest remembrance site in Re’im. Retrieved from:×0/filters:format(jpg):quality(70):focal(2653×1369:2663×1379)/

The Mexican Foreign Ministry released a statement on May 24th condemning and regretting the death of Orion. In this statement, the Ministry fails to condemn the ongoing captivity of the remaining 128 hostages, but it does call for an immediate ceasefire.

I am beyond disappointed with my country’s decision and I urge my fellow Mexicans to vote this administration out this Sunday.



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