Voting is your RIGHT, voting is your DUTY!

On November 4th 2014 if you know what is good for YOU, your family, your country – and if you are a Jew and pro-Israel, for Israel – and the world, the smart way to go is elect Republicans to the House and Senate. The more Democrats you vote out the better the USA and the world will look.


Here I am first speaking as a patriot American, but I am also speaking as a Jewess for and on behalf of my people, all over the world, but specifically for Israel.

Nowadays Israel and the Jewish people are facing yet another dangerous times, the most dangerous since WWII and the Holocaust that took place then.

No matter how the political wing of Israel tries to conceal the truth and dissuade us otherwise, Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of Israel, rather an enemy of the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Anyone not seeing this is no friend of Jews and Israel either.

Obama’s policies and his actions, despite what he claims publicly, aim to weaken Israel, to empower her enemies and a prolonged attempt to prevent her from defending herself, while strengthening her most formidable enemy, Iran. The White House, under Obama’s misguidance, his unfit for the job, his insolence and rather silly spokespeople, resort to petty insults and risk a strategic relationship with the ONLY ally the USA still has in the Middle East. You cannot and must not bully an ally but they do.

Let us go together over some points in a cesspool of behavioral rhythm proving Obama’s ill intentions toward Israel:

1. Despite all evidence that it would turn out to be an IS/Hamas like terrorist enclave, 5 minutes bicycle ride from the Israeli parliament-Knesset, a clear threat to Israel’s existence, the Obama administration continues to insist on Israel’s withdrawal from the “territories,” whatever that definition refers to, and is pushing for the creation of a “sovereign” Palestinian state. It denigrates Israel’s sovereignty and makes clear that in many parts of Jerusalem Israel is not sovereign and that any construction FOR JEWS ONLY, outside of the 1949 armistice line – NOT define border – is “illegitimate,” whatever that means because in reality and legality such action is totally legitimate. In contrast, the Obamadiers do not say a word about Arabs building illegally in the very same Jerusalem.

2. Over the issue of building for Jews, which is totally legitimate but they decided it is not, Barack Hussein Obama’s administration, on his petty instructions encourages European boycotts of Israeli goods exported to the continent, from which millions of people benefit. Pressure on Israel on these issues is unrelenting, along with the explosion of Islamist violence throughout the region and Israel, which is a bothersome to Israel.

3. When Hamas viciously attacked civilians – mind you three time in 5 years, last this past summer – with its rocket barrages, the administration tried to prevent Israel from defending herself, by demanding that Israel restrains herself, unilaterally cease operations and by taking concrete actions – embargoing weapons deliveries, shutting down all flights to Ben-Gurion Airport, and awfully harmful rhetoric. Obama and his mouth piece, John Kerry took the position that collateral damage in Gaza was ‘disproportionate’, but almost 5,000 rockets fired into Israel were hardly mentioned. Despite the fact that the ratio of civilian to military casualties was better than that of any of the US or NATO operations in similar situations, last one the military campaign on IS, the Obama White House were shooting from their mouth indiscriminately, just like Hamas. Kerry had the gall to promote a bias ceasefire agreement, proposed by Qatar and Turkey, both funding and supporting Hamas’s war, rather than supporting the ceasefire the Egyptian proposed that was ultimately accepted.

4. But most important, the Obama administration policy toward Iran’s nuclear program has been pusillanimous to the extreme. For example,
On Monday, October 27th Al Arabiya news media outlet cataloged [Arabic] a series of concessions that the Obama administration is rumored to have made to Iran as negotiations approach the upcoming November 24th “deadline,” a week after the New York Times reported on President Barack Obama’s plans to “do everything in his power to avoid letting Congress vote” on a nuclear deal that many lawmakers have publicly worried will be inadequate to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The pan-Arab media outlet suggested that US lawmakers were particularly unnerved by reports of fundamental concessions, across all core areas up for negotiations, including: that the US has dropped its demand that Iran close its underground military enrichment facility at Fordow; that the US has accepted Iran’s characterization of its uranium enrichment rights; that the US will permit Iran to operate the plutonium-producing reactor at Arak; and that the US has delinked Iran’s ballistic missile program from the rest of its nuclear program. [continue reading]

Even if this is somewhat media exaggeration, there is no doubt that the Obama administration policy is to allow Iran to have the capability to enrich uranium, something which is ONLY needed for developing nuclear weaponry arsenal and not for creating peaceful nuclear power. Because of Obama’s inapt ability to do what he says – his mouth and actions do not correlate – Iran will be left with a ‘breakout’ nuclear capability, which will permit this terrorist regime to deploy weapons in a matter of weeks or months.

Worth reminding everyone that in the past the US has acted to prevent Israel from striking against Iranian nuclear facilities. If the upcoming agreement turns out to be as weak as is expected to be, then the US and Israel’s interests will be directly in conflict – not to forget also in direct conflict with Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Despite disingenuous pronouncements of support for Israel’s security, the Obama administration is aligning itself with Israel’s enemies in a futile bid for the favor of Islamists, both the Shia and Sunni varieties.

An American president has a tremendous power in foreign policy that affects the entire world’s order for good or bad.

Unfortunately, an American president cannot be deposed by a vote of no confidence, as in parliamentary systems.

Hopefully, after first week in November 2014 election, Obama will become the lamest of ducks president, and so, there will be little reason for him to hold back his anti-Israel animus. He will not need to please the Jewish vote and he will no longer need to pretend.

The only one to be able to limit the President and his cadre of unelected and unaccountable advisers’ actions is the power of the US Congress. And, while there are some and very few exceptions on the Democrats’ side, the primary opposition to Obama’s administration policy comes from the Republicans. No matter what their reason is, it is enough that they try to restrain Obama and his cadre who have caused some terrible leadership crimes against the nation.

If you are concerned about domestic, foreign policy and our country’s security, among others, I understand you. But if you are concerned and care about what happens to Israel and the Jews, world over, think deeply – with heart and mind – about all the above when you vote. AND please DO VOTE; make your voice heard, this is your country, this is your children’s future, this is the entire world’s future.

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.