Wake up Jerusalem

Time to wake up Jerusalem!

In just 12 days Israel decides who will be responsible for the well being of her citizens at the local level. Our votes are even more important this year as Jerusalem faces some enormous decisions; decisions that must be made by someone who knows and lives here in the city that draws the eyes of the entire world.

It is a given that we need a local figurehead, one who knows Jerusalem inside and out and who can communicate well with the outside world in a position that is close in importance to that of Prime Minister. Jerusalem needs a highly representative leader and a responsible municipal council behind him in order to enable positive advances without sectorial preferences. Hence my wake up call. 

Hitorerut or awakening is a group of highly responsible, vibrant young people, headed by innovative leaders who were born here and inherited an ability to understand the problems and the joys of this special city from their capable parents and from their exceptional group of mentors. They are not youngsters but deeply committed adults who have chosen to give their all to their city, to Jerusalem, to ensure that this city is not only the heart of the Jewish world but a city for all her residents.

Many Israelis are unaware that one has two votes for the municipal council – one for Mayor and one for the council itself – and they do not necessarily need to be the same party.  What we must take into consideration is that when choosing a party for the council it is logical to choose one that can work with the mayor otherwise no new and positive actions will pass the city council chambers. Another wake up call!

Here in Jerusalem we have the ideal solution, Hitorerut not only supports Mayor Nir Barkat, they work together to bring new cultural activities, business opportunities that reduce the “brain drain” toward the coastal cities and ensure that Jerusalem remains a wonderful spiritual center and tourist city while supporting all of Jerusalem’s citizens.

Youth is not always a disadvantage. Although young in years the Hitorerut candidates are long in experience and ability. The three front runners in the movement are a fine example of hope and determination to ensure a bright future for Jerusalem. Ofer Berkovitch, newly married, has already proven his ability as an activist for change and leader of the Hitorerut movement representing us all since 2008. Hanan Rubin is father to four and his special ability and love is in education. Hanan strongly believes that all decisions that are made concerning the education of Jerusalem’s children must be made in consultation and cooperation with teachers. Einav Bar served five years as an officer in the IDF, is currently studying Law at the Hebrew University and is an activist in convincing other students to live in Jerusalem. Hitorerut is not only for young people, at number 11 on their list is a familiar face, veteran Jerusalemite Zvi Raviv who knows this city inside and out, from every conceivable aspect and will remain as supporter of both Mayor Nir Barkat and Hirorerut, believing in the importance of their joint ability to raise this city beside the spiritual centre of our world to a thriving and bustling city for all her citizens.

It is essential that we honour the religious aspects of Jerusalem, without which we would lose our raison d’etre, but it must be alongside respect for everyday working life. Entertainment and culture, new work places and spaces, parks, and sport all together make a city more attractive and enjoyable to those who live there.

Most importantly, on election day WAKE UP AND VOTE!

About the Author
My name is Sheila Raviv and I am a journalist and blogger. I was born in Wales to a warm Jewish and highly Zionist family. My motto is IF THE MEDIA DOES NOT INFORM US THEN WE MUST INFORM THE MEDIA I write about the social and political aspects that people in Israel, the Jewish Diaspora and Christian world do not hear about Israel, her achievements, sorrow, joy and controversies. I live in Jerusalem with my husband Zvi and we are very active socially, with our volunteer work in the community and our wonderful children and 10 grandchildren.