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Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem launches Private Label Olive Oil and Concept Dinner

Chef Itzik Barak - Image courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
Chef Itzik Barak - Image courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem presented last week a private label branded olive oil. To mark the launch, a three-course gourmet dinner featuring olive oil cooking techniques prepared by Chef Itzik Mizrahi-Barak will be offered until the end of December 2019.

“Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem’s olive oil has been carefully prepared in collaboration with Executive Chef Itzik Mizrahi-Barak after a series of tastings in the farm’s plantations, located 750 meters above sea level, guaranteeing a high-quality olive oil,” says David Zitzer, Meshek Achiya Farm CEO, “The selected branded olive oil is of a Syrian varieties – excellent extra virgin, authentic and strong olive oil. ”

It has also been introduced based on olive oil cooking and marinating, prepared by Chef Itzik Barak, and is offered at the prestigious “Palace” restaurant, until the end of December 2019. The olive oil has been produced by “Meshek Achiya” farm and will be used regularly in the restaurant. Diners can also purchase it for their own use.

The Special Menu

The special menu includes the starters, fish, chicken or lamb, and dessert.


Celery root cappuccino with pine nuts and basil oil, house bread, eggplant aioli, olive oil and tomato salsa.

First Course

Quinoa crusted Sea bass confit in Koroneiki olive oil, caramelized carrots and pecan cream


Salmon confit in Koroneiki olive oil in a cloud of smoke, served with cucumber & avocado cannelloni.

Salmon, photo: T. Sharon

Main courses

Chicken breast stuffed with pistachios, served alongside Rata potato baked in Arbequina olive oil, and cauliflower in reduced chicken broth.


Slow-braised lamb Osso Buco in Arbequina olive oil, served alongside Jerusalem artichoke, bulgur and root vegetables in lamb jus.

Lamb, photo: T.Sharon


Olive oil ice cream with almond crust and caramelized pears

Tasting Impression

All the plates are beautifully presented; the food is tasty and unusual. The Salmon dish is extraordinary in its sensual experience – the salmon is served in a glass of smoke, which diffuses in the air when the waiter removes it, making it almost a magic show, ending with some very delicious fish! A must have dish in my opinion!

The lamb is tender and the olive oil ice cream served as dessert is outstanding!


 For a full review of the dinner with photos see: eatrelaxenjoy

The price of the concept dinner for Israelis is NIS 300 including VAT. Tourists will be charged USD 70. Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 18:30-22:30.  Glatt Kosher.

The Special Dinner will be served at the Palace restaurant until the end of December 2019 Sundays to Thursdays 18:30-22:30. It is open to hotel guests and the general public. The Palace Restaurant will simultaneously serve the regular restaurant menu. For reservations: 02-542-3333.

The above information was given from the hotel and is subject to changes.

The writer was a guest of Waldorf Astoria.

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