Walking Away the Stress

In the last few weeks since the firestorm of attacks began here in Israel, I have felt a bit under siege. I need to cope, to work, to take care of my family and household chores, but there is a real drain on my energy.

After exhausting the ice-cream-and-overeating comfort ritual, the calming-the-family-outside-of-Israel ritual, and the darn-it-I-can’t-try-the-wine-since-I-am-pregnant ritual, I was left looking for a longer term solution, since the problem does not seem to be passing quickly.

None of us wants to pay the price for long term food or Ben and Jerry’s binges, so as the week went on, I had to really invest in something I could do to help me re-energize and take back my own power. For me, it has been my walking routine.

I admit to being a walker. I love to walk, and it is not something new or foreign to my body. However, making a daily 5K an inexcusable part of my routine is mostly due to the stressful situation here in Israel. Many of my posts all over my website and other guest blogs have talked about healthy comfort foods, spices, teas and strategies to reduce the stress. Yet, after all of the eating, drinking and family time, I was still finding it hard to sleep and spend time with my own thoughts.

Walking was the perfect solution. The more I walk, the stronger I feel. The greater my physical endurance becomes, the more my emotional endurance seems to expand as well. My first 5K was a huffing-and-puffing drag to the finish line, despite being an active swimmer all summer. By week two of daily walks, I was hoofing it instead, and smiling all the way.

I won’t kid you. I spent my first three walks imagining where I would hide if a car opened fire from the road or if I was attacked. Yet, slowly I regained my confidence, my inner resolve that this too shall pass.

Healthy 5k in IsraelWe are all trying to find a solution to the problem of this growing and immediate threat. The politicians need to find a permanent solution, but we individuals need to spend serious energy managing our own coping skills and faith to live the dream of the Jewish people here every day.

About the Author
Lily Aronin is a Health Coach. She works with women of all ages who want to live at their ideal weight through self-love and body harmony. She specializes in re-framing goals so that they are achievable, sustainable and fun.