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Want to be a youth camp leader?

Taking camp is a funny thing.

Excitable kids. Stress. Cleaning up after other people’s mess.

Why do it? What’s the attraction?

In all honesty, from taking Tribe camp three times now, I know camp is going to include all of the above and anyone who’s taken camp will tell you about all the annoying things that happen.

However, why did I keep going back? There must have been a reason!

That reason is the feeling of accomplishment you feel when you’ve run a camp with kids who have enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Before these children go back home with their parents, they come over and say thank you to you because despite them not wanting to listen to you during camp, they actually really appreciate all you do and had an amazing time!

The pleasure of taking camp whether it’s Tribe or any other organisation is how you’re creating this incredible atmosphere that children of ages 10-15 will remember for the rest of their lives.

It’s events like these that can really shape a person. For the kids going on camp, their confidence can really grow.

A girl who attended the year 7 camp this year was one of the same girls I took on the year 5 camp two years ago and I could really notice the increase in her confidence!

Madrichim of Year 7 Tribe Camp 2017
Madrichim of Year 7 Tribe Camp 2017

For the leaders taking camp, it’s an incredible experience in many ways. You learn to work with all types of people and as I’ve learnt, amongst these are people who you may not get along with.

However, amongst these, are also people that I’ve become very close to and who I’ve stayed in touch with since being involved with Tribe Camp in 2015.

I guess, taking camp also gives you a working environment experience whereby you come across all types of people, and you quickly realise you just need to suck it up and deal with it.

Tribe really does create a supportive atmosphere that helps everyone through!

Taking camp helped me to learn very rapidly to think on the spot, especially if an activity isn’t going to plan.

Also, learning skills such as how to deal with stressful situations if any leaders are unwell and can’t help and you need to find a way to carry on with less leaders to help out.

If there is a time mix-up you need to a way to keep the children occupied to stop them getting bored.

It’s not all struggles and stress, you also have lots of fun as well, this year the camp I took had a day where they took part in high rope activities and the leaders could have a go too!

It also always feel so great when an activity you’ve planned has gone well and you feel happy for your co-madrichim when their activity goes to plan too!

Tribe Camp is a fantastic way to spend your summer, you learn a lot about yourself and other people and I think it’s something that can really prepare you for obstacles you may come across in the future!

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Natasha is a Philosophy student at Leeds University and a Jewish News intern
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