Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Want us

It’s a universal need. We want someone to want us.

When you’re a Jew, you need to decide, who you want to want you.

Some Jews want the nations to want them. And some Jews want G-d to want them.

The problem with wanting the world’s nations to want us, is that often they don’t. Many Jews, to their profound shock, discovered this after October 7.

The nice thing about wanting G-d to want us, is that He wants to want us.

So let’s look at Jews who want G-d to want them. They have a two-fold advantage. (1) That very soon, G-d will show the entire world that He wants us. And (2) that He is all-powerful.

Which means, that it doesn’t matter if the nations want us. Because since G-d is all powerful, the nations can’t do anything that He doesn’t want done.

And one day very soon, we will see the complete Redemption with Moshiach. And then, the nations will want us, because they will realize that they benefit via us, and “the entire world will be filled with knowledge of G-d.” (Isaiah 11; 9)

Want us, Lord. Want our prayers. Want us to again worship You in the third and final holy Temple in Jerusalem. Gather us all together, to serve You.

And end our disgrace. End the derision by those who don’t realize that You, G-d are everywhere, and You rule over everything.

Show the nations, once and for all, that we are Your people, and You are our G-d.

Want us, now and forever.

Want us.

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