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Want your business to succeed? Hire mothers! 

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Dear hiring managers,

Are you struggling with recruiting rare talents and looking for employees with a diverse range of soft skills? You should hire mothers.

It’s been a year since my return from my maternity leave, working from home with a child in my arms. Keren, my daughter, was 5 months and 3 weeks old when I joined my first work Zoom call after a half-year break. In this article, I want to explain how companies can consistently benefit from hiring, retaining, and investing in moms. Here are my 7 reasons why a business should hire a working mom:

1. Mothers are loyal and committed to a company 

Two weeks after I started my new role in the company I’m still working in, I learned that I was pregnant. Naturally, I experienced a wide range of emotions: the joy of a much-desired child was incredible, but I was also scared to inform my lead, feeling I might let the company down since I had just started. When I finally shared my wonderful news, I couldn’t expect the amount of support, care, help, and understanding I received from my lead and the team!

I worked until the last month of my pregnancy (fortunately, I felt great throughout) and took leave only three weeks before the due date. In Israel, paid maternity leave is approximately three months, with an additional three months unpaid. After that, you either return to work or leave. My company had a corporate policy of paying for the additional three months of maternity leave for employees with at least one year of service by the start of their leave. Despite being a new employee, I received this benefit as well.

So, when the time came and I was asked to return a bit earlier and work from home, I did it. I am still very loyal and grateful to my company and management for making my pregnancy and maternity leave experience so supportive and caring.

2. Mothers are masters of multitasking

That’s a fact. Moms can cook, feed a kid, attend a meeting, and plan summer activities at the same time. If we can manage all those competing needs, we can absolutely handle all the work tasks.

3. Mothers are flexible and adaptive to changes  

A change of plans is very natural for a parent. It could be a toddler refusing everything or a last-minute school project. Being a mom teaches us to be ready for all scenarios. This is a crucial skill, especially in a business environment with countless unknowns.

4. Mothers are brilliant at time-management

Becoming a mother brings a new definition of time. Motherhood forces a woman to plan every moment. For example, I scheduled all important calls according to my child’s nap times and used nights for tasks requiring high concentration. Time management is a skill mothers transfer to all other aspects of life, particularly our careers.

5. Mothers have great communication and negotiation skills

Mothers are experts at convincing people to do what they want, whether it’s eating broccoli for dinner or going to bed on time. Moms are skilled at answering repetitive questions—have you ever heard a toddler asking “why” fifty times? If we can handle it, we can communicate any idea and negotiate any challenging business case. 

6. Mothers are patient and stress-resistant 

Raising kids gives moms amazing patience and stress resistance. This helps us stay calm under pressure and tackle work problems with a clear mind.

7. Mothers are incredibly productive 

All the skills mentioned above already describe how productive moms are: being loyal employees, working on several tasks simultaneously, effectively communicating with the team and clients, and managing a family.

Hiring mothers can be a game-changer for any business. Their loyalty, multitasking abilities, flexibility, time management skills, exceptional communication, patience, and productivity make them invaluable assets. Hire them, invest in them, and you’ll see the unique advantages that working moms bring to the table. 

About the Author
Hello, I'm Irina Lukovsky, Career Advisor, HR&TA, with a valid professional background in HR&Recruitment abroad and in Israel. I’m a very people-oriented person passionate about helping others to build and follow their career path. I moved to Israel from Russia in 2018 and now I’m thrilled to share my experiences, challenges, ups, and downs with those who are on a similar path to assure them that anything is possible. As Herzl once said, 'When there is a will, it is no longer a dream.'"
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