Wanted: Dead (?) or Alive

Just last week, I received a request from a contact abroad to look into burial options for her in Israel.

And to ask me, specifically, that question is like asking me to drink ten cups of milk knowing darn well I am lactose intolerant.

This request ripped me where it hurts most. As Donkey told Shrek, ‘You cut me deep, Shrek, you cut me deep’.

I am passionate about Israel, Aliya and Am Yisrael. I am even more passionate that today every member of Am Yisrael belongs in Israel.

This will come to no surprise to my regular readership.

I am not counted among those who sympathize or understand  why one does not live in Israel (or make Aliya).

The historical excuses just don’t cut it.

Financial, family, Israelis are rude, Ivrit is a grueling language- I’ve heard ’em all- even the one who said her cat cannot speak Hebrew.

Nice try.

Just think of the (soon to be IDF) commander who recalled that in 1948 he was in charge of 19 soldiers who spoke 17 languages.

You will survive.

So, when my friend asked me to look into buying a burial plot for her, I almost sent an auto response that read ‘The content of your message was rejected-Israel wants, needs and deserves Her people Alive’.

Come Home. Vertically. Today.