Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Who fights for us?

Who wins our battles?

Who outwits the enemy?

Who influences leaders to send us weaponry?

Who strengthens our hearts?

Who protects us?

Who guides us?

Who loves us?

Psalm 35 (excerpts):                                    

By David: Lord fight those who fight me, battle my foes. Fortify my shield and armour and rise to assist me. Hold a spear and bar the way before my pursuers, tell my soul: ”I am your saviour.” May those who want to harm me be embarrassed, may those who plot evil against me step backward and be disgraced. May they be like chaff in the wind, and the angel of G-d disperse them. May their paths be dark and slippery, as the angel of G-d pursues them… And my soul will rejoice with G-d, rejoice in His salvation. All my bones will say: “G-d, who is like You, rescuing the poor one from one who is stronger than he, the poor and needy from one who robs him.” … I will thank You before a great crowd, amongst a powerful nation I will praise You… Let those who desire my vindication rejoice and be happy, and constantly declare: “May G-d manifest greatness, He desires peace for His servant.” And my tongue will express Your righteousness, and praise You all day.

David, King of Israel, relied on the Almighty. And so do we.

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